Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder high onshore mush
Greetings Ninos. The swell has come up marginally over night, but it’s a weak wind swell flanked by a nuisance onshore easterly wind. Easterlies pretty much effect most beaches collecting any sniff of today’s small swell…summary – junky. The good news is that we are in for an exciting week of surfing with some decent swell heading our way. Tomorrow you’ll see a jump in size – peaking around Friday. So um…I’d be resting at home, frothin’ over surf vids getting all fired up for the good stuff later this week. Or better still…stroll on down to the new SURFCULTURE mega surfstore that has just opened in Bondi Junction (20 Bronte Road). Froggy’s new mega store is 3 levels of bliss boasting the largest range of surfboards this side of the bridge – yyyyyyyyyyyehhha. (about time) Now I’m torkin a range of 300 new sticks twitchn’ on the racks. The dropkick Froggy doesn’t have a sign up yet, so look for the ‘gucci style’ modern 3 level glass building in between the curry joint and Myer entrance – in the heart of the Junja. Tell Froggy you’re from Aquabumps for red dot special deals.

Yesterday you may have noticed that Aquabumps was offline…we had a lil’ ‘accident’ which has now been rectified. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Check out lil’ 13 year old Perth surfing in today’s shots. Does this kid rip or what. Bondi hottest young grommie was tearing into knee high wind chop dribbles – the benefits of being a grom. Those were the days…


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