::Wednesday, 31 March 2004

Bondi 6am – waist high occasionally
chest high, crowded
Hola! Loads of crew out in middle Bondi enjoying a few fun waves. It’s
quite small but still rideable. My pics probably capture the best waves
of the morning. Looks slightly better than yesterday. With a prediction
of 27 degrees today, it’s a great beach day. Winds W/SW 5-10 knots
at first, then ENE winds this afternoon. Low tide 10:57 High tide 17:02.
It’s going to get smaller…
The bumps finds it way around the world, here is an email
from Connor in New York:
"Just wanted to drop you a quick hello and
tell you that your emails are the most depressing messages I receive all
day. After living in Sydney for a year and working at the Bondi Kiosk,
I have returned to New York where I work 14 hours a day in an office building
where your emails are rivalled by my spectacular view of many more office
buildings. In all seriousness, I truely enjoy the daily pictures and thoughts.
It keeps me grounded and makes me remember that there are incredible things
outside of this concrete jungle"
Enjoy your day.
PS – I’m behind in responding to emails, so if you’ve sent me one and
I haven’t got back to you, sorry. Will do.

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::Tuesday, 30 March 2004

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::Monday, 29 March 2004

Bondi 6am – decent chunks but closing
Size – 2-4ft Range
Light offshore winds and some decent swell usually make for a good days
surfing. But the lack of sand banks at Bondi is making it close out. This
clean ESE swell has some grunt but pretty much smashing on a shallow bank
@ middle Bondi…board breaking stuff. Wind: NW/NE 10/15 knots, tending
NE 15/20 knots early afternoon. Water is still like a spa at 24 degrees.
Similar conditions tomorrow with a slight change in swell direction (more
around to the south).
Would you believe the only morning I was late out of the
rack would have the most spectacular sunrise ever? At 5:50am the sky was
burning pink. Only happens every now and again. By the time I fumbled
with my camera it had gone…next time.
Professional surfers around the globe
are making their way to the Salomon Masters down at Margaret River,
WA. Today the comp begins and you can see live broadband coverage of the
event from Coastalwatch’s
live broadcast site
Have a great day.

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::Friday, 26 March 2004

So you’re probably in the office now thinking
what a beautiful day outside looking forward to the weekend, wondering
what it was like down the beach this morning…one word – MEGA! Sensational
morning with light offshore winds. clear skies, warm water, awesome sunrise
and small chest-high waves at Bondi. Swell is on the decline but there
are still a few fun waves around. Head to a beach that faces ENE and you
will get the most out of this swell (should be over head high). Max temp
today 27 °C, water 24°C, Wind: W/SW 10/15 knots at first, tending
E/NE 10/15 knots in the afternoon and SE 15 knots in the evening. High
tide 12:38 Low tide 18:20
Have a great weekend.

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::Thursday, 25 March 2004

It’s cranking this morning. Never seen the car
parks so full before the sun even got up…man grommies running around
everywhere, waxing up boards, fiddling with leggies, frothn’. So many
places are breaking today. Any beach that faces east will be firing…enjoy.
Ventured down to Maroubra to see what was going on. This
decent ENE swell was hitting the northern end superbly (shame it wasn’t
her for the finals last Sunday). Super clean 3 – 4 foot waves rolling
in with a large crowd…perfectly sunny with toasty warm water 24°C.
Wind will swing NE this afternoon 10/15knots. I shot in the water…but
in a mad rush to get out there, I stuffed up my focus settings and shot
60 blurry messes. EEck![not happy] Shot some pure gold too! Few guys were
ripping down there…next time…we learn…
Enjoy this great day…

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::Wednesday, 24 March 2004

What da?..offshore breezes…sun is shining…good
conditions…swell hanging around? Yep…we’ve got some waves this morning.

3 footers rolling into middle Bondi on a sucky shallow
bank (hence, the gold barrel shot today – me like). I think a lot of places
would be going off today. Try finding a beach that picks up the ENE swell
and you’ll be styling.
Winds currently from the west (offshore) and will
swing to the south this afternoon 10/15knots. Water temp a toasty 24°C!
Much warmer in the water than on the land! High tide 11:17, Low tide 17:15
. Outlook for surfing looks healthy over the next couple of days, so if
the surfer that sits next to you at work is sick tomorrow, be happy for
him… Today is the first day I have worn more than 1 layer of clothing.
Not a good sign – go away winter!

PS – and where is PPPPPagey
when the surf is going off…yep…you guessed it…Yoga![big girl] He’s
so changed…we’re thinking of selling his surfboards due to lack of use!

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::Tuesday, 23 March 2004

Bumpybumps. Geez it would be good if this wind
would back off. The South-easterly onshores continue today churning up
a decent head high plus swell. Wind is predicted to swing to the NE later
tonight which may make it inviting tomorrow. At present (7:30am) not much
good to us. Some decent size around the place, if it hangs around the
rest of the week may be good for a wave. High tide 10:41 Low tide 16:46,
Wind: SE 10/15, knots Swell: E/SE 2 to 3 metres, Water 22°C, Max.
Land temp 24°C
Remember the Snap off the lip surf video competition at
Bondi hotel earlier this year? Here are the eleven finalists that were
screened. View
Finalists Videos

Ever wondered if New York gets any waves? Well on March
11th was totally cranking. The water looked ridiculously cold (5mm wetsuits,
booties and hoods minimum). Check out these waves only 40 minutes from
Manhattan. View

Or if you’re into cold water surfing, why not check out
what the surf is like in Ireland? Click
for Tom’s Lahinch Surf Report
Happy birthday Kneckers.
Have a great day!

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::Monday, 22 March 2004

25 knot howling south easterly winds making
a mess of 3-4ft waves. Looks pretty bad to me, you won’t find much out
there today. Could barely get a shot at 7pm as it was so dark with cloud
cover. So, you’re not missing out on anything today if you’re already
at work. Winds will ease this afternoon to 15-20 knots. Warm water at
23 degrees. Land temp max. 22 degrees.
Six-time world surfing champion, American Kelly
Slater has taken out the Snickers Pro yesterday at Maroubra beach.
In junky 3-4ft onshore sloppy surf all the top names in surfing battled
it out for the $145,000 prize money. This is the 1st professional surfing
event to be held in Sydney in over 5 years. Let’s hope to see more…
I got down there for a few snaps, check out the two photo albums:

Other notices
Tonight on Channel 2 ‘The 7:30 Report’ is showing
a story on rip currents and surf safety featuring Tamarama with Doc Bob
Brander. (He’s the Tama dye man).
Happy Birthday Frank from all the crew in Ireland. P.s.
G has sent you 2 boxes of Tayto.

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::Friday, 19 March 2004

Mornings like these make for a great start to
the day. Great little waves, awesome sunrise and toasty water. At middle
Bondage there was a left hand bank which had the odd wally one. Large
crew out this morning scoring 2-3 footers. Wind was non-existent which
will change in the afternoon to 10/15knots of NE. Weekend going to be
small and fun waves (around 2 – 3 ft). Saturday looks better than Sunday.
New swell on Sunday night rolling in with onshores.
Our friends our Coastalwatch are running a live
broadband camera from the Snickers Australian Open down at the Bra. All
the big names in surfing will be down there. Check
out the action
. Get down there on the weekend to see some hot surfing.

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::Thursday, 18 March 2004

What a way to start the morning. A spectacular
sunrise with some small fun waves. Bondage had waist to shoulder high
waves in the south end worthy of a sneaky paddle. Small crew enjoying
the great conditions with little wind and sensational warm water. This
is all about to change with a fresh southerly change rolling in with howling
20/25knots of wind. Between 6am and 10am will be the best of it today
otherwise expect onshore mush. Swell will pick up over head high this
Are you surfing at age 60-70?
George Negus Tonight, ABC TV is currently researching
a story
about growing old staying young and they want to profile an older surfer

someone in their 60s or 70s or older who still board surfs. They must
willing to share their story and their love of surfing on national TV.
(Sydney residents). Email [email protected]
(Norgs? Pagey? Brent? Brad? ha!)
Man Ray exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery
Man Ray was one of the most influential photographers
of the 20th Century. If you’re interested in photography or collecting
photography come to the Young Art Collectors event next Monday (22nd March)
at the Art Gallery of NSW for a private viewing of the excellent Man
Ray Exhibition
; and also hear prominent photography collector Pat
Corrigan talk about how to get started on your own photography collection.
Aquabumps is offering a special subscriber’s price
of $30 for the event, which also includes drinks and food…
For bookings contact Vanessa on 02 9225 1675 or [email protected]
Contempo, a part of the Art Gallery of NSW
Society, runs a programme of events for people in their 20s and 30s.

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::Wednesday, 17 March 2004

The swell has dropped over night leaving us
with less than perfect conditions. A slight onshore wind is chewing up
the 2 footers that reached Bondi this morning. Beginners and frothn’ man
grommets only today I would think.
Wind will be light this morning before blowing 15/20knots
of E/NE (directly onshore) before swinging slightly to the NE overnight.
Slight increase tomorrow afternoon…
Best check out the Snickers Australian Open
surf comp down at Maroubra which started yesterday and runs until

So big names are surfing like Taj Burrows and Kelly
Slater (Rumour has it Taj was surfing Bondi yesterday).

If you’re fan of chilled-out tunes like Ben
Harper, Michael Franti, Ben Lee, Cold Play and more…you’ll be into
this new Coastal Chill CD No.2.
You can listen to the tracks & enter a comp to
win Tracks or Waves Magazine subscriptions by going to this link: http://www.musichead.com.au/ecards/coastalchill2/chill.htm
Here is Ben Harper’s video clip
‘With My Own Two Hands’:

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::Monday, 15 March 2004

We’ve been blessed with good waves over the
past couple of weeks and it continues today with a decent south swell
hitting out coastline. Bondi @ 7am was 3 foot and breaking quite straight.
Every 1 in 10 looked good to me, the rest shut down. Small crew out with
a vicious rip that kept on sucking me out to sea whilst shooting the mornings
photos. Well look at that… just found some seaweed in my ears from this
morning! Mmmmm. Low tide 11:09 High tide 17:10 Wind will blow 15 to 10
knots or NE this afternoon Water temp. 22 degrees. Best surf now before
the wind…

The GURUS were lured out of retirement to headline
Homebake 2001. Getting back together certainly lit some creative fires,
culminating in the band heading back into the studio in late 2003 with
old mate Kim Salmon
(Producer) to record one of their most rockin efforts to date.
According to Rolling Stone’s 4 star review "Even
the albums name, German for ‘make a show’, a phrase chanted by fans at
early Beatle’s shows in Hamburg, is more of a mission statement that a
title." It all makes you wonder why they
broke up in the first place. Welcome back.
for dates for the Mach Schau world tour 2004.

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::Friday, 12 March 2004

Last night’s swell has dropped and waves were
around max. chest high this morning at Bondi. Couple of fun waves to be
had with the northerly winds creating good conditions. Last night was
smokin’ at Tama and Bondi. Winds going to blow 20/25 knots this afternoon
from the north east.
This morning a couple of blow-ins from the northern
beaches, surf film maker Jack McCoy and producer Sinclair
Black came down to take a break from filming and actually get
a couple for themselves…Jack and Sinclair are responsible for the
movie Blue Horizon. I’ve seen it and strongly recommend
viewing it on the big screen before it finishes at the Orpheum
in Cremorne on Sunday night. The last 3 daily sessions are showing at
7pm so check out www.jackmccoy.com
for more information. Even if you don’t surf, you’ll enjoy it. The cinematography
is superb and the story of Andy Irons and Dave Rastovich have you frothn’
for the full 90 minutes – they rip. Perfect waves…perfect tubes…hot
For the past 2 weeks Aquabumps/Blue Horizon/HIC
have been running a competition to see the best answer to this question
relating to the hero photo of Andy Irons pulling in:
Question – What would be
going through your mind if you were pulling into this barrel?
I received 1300 entries…so many hot entries which
I plan to publish. It was so hard to decide and we had a panel of people
voting on the best responses. Some responses were hilarious…you guys
are funny.
And the winner is [Insert drum roll] – Allan Young.
Well done! You’ve just won a new 6’4" HIC surfboard. Thank you for
all your entries, I will be publishing the entries from the short list
over the next couple of weeks.
Here is Allan’s winning entry:
It is possible to both lose yourself and find yourself
in surfing. There are fragments of the surfing experience which are so
intense that nothing else exists except you, the wave and the next few
In those moments I transcend the everyday
things which claw at my mind for reasoning. I don’t worry about
finance, politics or religion. I am immune to culture and history. I am
in a place uncluttered by sophistication. This is pure. Risk, survival,
freedom. Second by second.
It’s not what is going through my
head. It’s what is not going through my head. And I am more alive because
of it.
I think I’d like to teach the world to surf.
…only a surfer knows the feeling. Have a great day.

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::Thursday, 11 March 2004

Kinda ugly morning with thick overcast skies,
a slight onshore south wind and average shaped waves (bumpy). You’re not
really missing anything today. Swell is still here, saw a few 3-4 footers,
so if you’re keen for a grovel, I would try the south end of Bondi where
there is a decent bank.
I’m not really happy with the shots today, waited
for ages to shoot someone surfing on a wave – no luck…not many crew
out. High tide 12:13 Low tide 18:15 Water
temp warm 22 degrees, Wind: E/SE 5/10 knots,
becoming E/NE 10/15 knots in the afternoon. Max land
temp. 25 degrees. This swell will fade and small conditions
predicted over the next few days.
An email from one of the Irish surfers in my shots yesterday:
‘I’m the Irish man on the right in the white shorts.
I managed to catch some good waves (for a learner!) today but you snap
me standing around looking like a muppet!
Still, as a famous Irish writer (Oscar
Wilde) once said "…better to be talked about than not to be talked
P.S. How did you know we were
Irish? Was it the fact that we’re crap at surfing?’James

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::Wednesday, 10 March 2004

In stark contrast to yesterday, we’ve got howling
southerly onshore winds and cooler temperatures. So yesterday’s heatwave
and ideal surf conditions have turned into onshore mush. Swell is from
the south and ‘the mush’ is about 2-3ft at Bondi.
I would forget surfing and do something else like
shopping with the Page girls (they’ve changed), mow the lawn, fix those
dings, enter the Aquabumps win a surfboard comp (entries close tomorrow
) or go see Blue Horizon at the Orpheum tonight.
Yep, Jack McCoy’s surf film is still showing on the big
screen daily at 7pm. For more information go to www.jackmccoy.com.
It’s a top film – catch it on the big screen before it finishes this Sunday.
Eclipse Group Seeks Senior Designer/Manager
Yep, Eclipse [www.eclipsegroup.com.au]
is still accepting resumes for a vacancy in their web design team. If
you’re a web designer with 5 years experience or more and looking for
a great opportunity to work with a large web development firm – here’s
your chance. Check out the job description at this link: www.aquabumps.com/eclipsejob.html.
Email your resume to [email protected]. Please
include some of your design work in your submission.

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::Tuesday, 9 March 2004

Mornings like these make me want to forget taking
photos…and focus on scoring a few waves for myself (mowhwhaha!).

I was impressed with what I saw this morning. It was
pure joy. It’s not 6 foot and totally going off…it’s more like 3ft
(head high), sunny, hot, warm water, mellow crew and awesome glassy lil’
peaks. South Bondi had long rippable rights. Finally Bondi wasn’t fat
and was pure glass with decent walls.
If you missed it this morning, you’ve missed it. The
high tide will come in making it fat and strong 15/20knot NE will blow
it to bits this afternoon.
Midnight tonight a south change will rock in howling
20/30 knots of south wind, but also bringing a new swell with it (lets
see what happens). High tide 20:42 Low tide 16:57
Have a great day.

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::Monday, 8 March 2004

Sorry – late one again. Gotta love that chunky
northern swell that we had on the weekend. Hope you scored waves. Sensational
morning today with the weekend’s ENE swell hitting our coastline producing
3 – 4 foot waves at exposed beaches. The wind was NW this morning (7am),
producing a few fun waves at Tama, but the high tide was making it sooooo
fat that all that was on offer was a take off and not much more. I suspect
the low tide would produce better waves. Fat waves are so boring (eeck).
The wind will blow from the NE this afternoon and the swell will fade
before another decent south swell hitting Wednesday – yeha!. High tide
10:01 Low tide 16:22. Great day – go outside.
Blue Horizon, Jack McCoy’s latest surf film
is still showing at the Orpheum in Cremorne daily
at 7pm until this Sunday. You can book tickets through the ticketek
website www.tickettek.com.

If you would like to see a short sample
of the movie online, you can download it from KAZAA.
Firstly you need KAZAA software loaded on your computer – click
to do this if you don’t already have it.
Secondly, click
to see the shorts of Blue Horizon. I really recommend seeing
this film – all those frothn’ man grommets will be hootn’.

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::Friday, 5 March 2004

It’s totally flat. Like a lake. Hard to believe
there is swell coming. Well this afternoon you will start to see a slight
improvement from 0ft to 2ft, and then tomorrow afternoon it will come.
(I hope, please Hui). The swell will be coming from the north and Sunday
looks quite good to me. Forget surfing today, with this glorious weather
perhaps spend the day lazing down the beach. (or wakeboarding).

Calling all fans of THE CAT EMPIRE…

Want passes to catch the band live at the East
Coast Blues and Roots festival Easter 2004?
Return airfares to Byron Bay?
4 nights accommodation over the easter long weekend?
Check out the Byron Bay Easter Classic surf comp?

SMS the words "DAYS LIKE THESE" to
188 1131 for your chance to win!!
For more information on this comp, go to the MUSICHEAD
Check out their website www.thecatempire.com
for a full list of tour dates.

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::Thursday, 4 March 2004

It’s 2 foot and pumping…woohoo…that
is if you’re a beginner. At 7am the south swell was dribbling into Bondi
and not looking too flash at all. Waves were very weak and close together.
Best save your energy as we have some good north swell chunks heading
our way and the next 3 days is looking good. The weekend is looking especially
big, like 8ft + at exposed beaches.
High tide 07:24, Low tide 14:50, High tide 20:02.
Water is a warm 23 degrees with NE winds this afternoon. Max land temp.
25 degrees mostly sunny becoming fine tomorrow. Great sunrise this morning…
Have a great day.
If you’ve sent me a email, and I haven’t gotten back to you…sorry, really
behind at the moment…

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::Wednesday, 3 March 2004

A few sneaky fun waves around this morning.
A light offshore Westerlie wind creating good conditions with 3 foot waves
at Bondi. Large crew out between 6:30am and 7:30am (I counted 35). Bondi
only really had one peak with a sluggish right hander. Great for the wider
boards like a fish as it was the usual fatty Bondi waves with little wall.
Winds will swing into the SE and blow onshore this afternoon. Protected
corners are the go. Max 24 degrees today, partly cloudy before coming
fine tomorrow and Friday. Large swell due from the north east on Saturday
afternoon – my call around the 6 – 8ft mark. This Sunday big too! Yeha!
Last night I checked out Jack McCoy’s new surf
film – BLUE HORIZON on the big screen. BLUE HORIZON tells the story of
2 hot surfers on 2 very different paths. Andy Irons, two-time WCT world
champion is the ultimate competitor, hungry to win everything and dominate
the world for fortune and fame…whilst Dave Rastovich, a free surfer
who doesn’t compete in the WCT, travels the globe surfing perfect uncrowded
waves living a healthy lifestyle of peacefulness, no stress, meditation
and yoga. (ermm…think I’m needing a career change)
This is Jack’s 23rd film on surfing and definitely
worth seeing. It’s on at 7pm every night until 14th March at the Orpheum
Cinema in Cremorne. For more information go to www.jackmccoy.com
or buy your tickets from www.ticketek.com
Win a surfboard competition will
be open until next Thursday, so get your entries in by going clicking
on the button below, be creative:

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::Monday, 1 March 2004

Waves waves waves! The weekend was totally smokin’
in Sydney. So many waves to be had. Hope you scored a couple before the
south change blew it to bits yesterday. Saturday was the pick of the days
– Avalon totally going off at 8am Sat. with a huge crowd (see my pic).
Palmy had awesome waves as did Manly, Curl Curl and the rest of our coastline.
Thank you to everyone that sent pictures in from their local breaks crankin’.
Appreciate them all. I’m building a section on my site so these can be
posted up for you all to view.
So how about today? On Sunday the swell dropped before
picking up again over night. Chunks are coming in from the south with
strong onshore winds. Bondi was a large and messy 4 – 6ft.
Didn’t see anyone out at 7am. I would head over the bridge to the north
side in search of a protected southern corner.
JACK Mccoy’s new film – blue horizon

Tomorrow night the Man grommies are heading out to
the opening of the national Jack McCoy surf film festival in Sydney. This
year is featuring Jack’s new movie BLUE HORIZON, which
I have been told is a surf film masterpiece.
The film festival starts tomorrow night and runs for
2 weeks in Sydney at the Orpheum cinema in Cremorne. Watch this space
as we’ll be giving away tickets & new boards.
Buy tickets at www.Ticketek.com
or for more information go to www.jackmccoy.com
to see when the festival hits your town.

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