::Monday, 29 March 2004

Bondi 6am – decent chunks but closing

Size – 2-4ft Range
Light offshore winds and some decent swell usually make for a good days
surfing. But the lack of sand banks at Bondi is making it close out. This
clean ESE swell has some grunt but pretty much smashing on a shallow bank
@ middle Bondi…board breaking stuff. Wind: NW/NE 10/15 knots, tending
NE 15/20 knots early afternoon. Water is still like a spa at 24 degrees.
Similar conditions tomorrow with a slight change in swell direction (more
around to the south).

Would you believe the only morning I was late out of the
rack would have the most spectacular sunrise ever? At 5:50am the sky was
burning pink. Only happens every now and again. By the time I fumbled
with my camera it had gone…next time.

Professional surfers around the globe
are making their way to the Salomon Masters down at Margaret River,
WA. Today the comp begins and you can see live broadband coverage of the
event from Coastalwatch’s
live broadcast site

Have a great day.

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