::Monday, 8 March 2004

Sorry – late one again. Gotta love that chunky
northern swell that we had on the weekend. Hope you scored waves. Sensational
morning today with the weekend’s ENE swell hitting our coastline producing
3 – 4 foot waves at exposed beaches. The wind was NW this morning (7am),
producing a few fun waves at Tama, but the high tide was making it sooooo
fat that all that was on offer was a take off and not much more. I suspect
the low tide would produce better waves. Fat waves are so boring (eeck).
The wind will blow from the NE this afternoon and the swell will fade
before another decent south swell hitting Wednesday – yeha!. High tide
10:01 Low tide 16:22. Great day – go outside.

Blue Horizon, Jack McCoy’s latest surf film
is still showing at the Orpheum in Cremorne daily
at 7pm until this Sunday.
You can book tickets through the ticketek
website www.tickettek.com.

If you would like to see a short sample
of the movie online, you can download it from KAZAA.
Firstly you need KAZAA software loaded on your computer – click
to do this if you don’t already have it.

Secondly, click
to see the shorts of Blue Horizon. I really recommend seeing
this film – all those frothn’ man grommets will be hootn’.

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