::Tuesday, 9 March 2004

Mornings like these make me want to forget taking
photos…and focus on scoring a few waves for myself (mowhwhaha!).

I was impressed with what I saw this morning. It was
pure joy. It’s not 6 foot and totally going off…it’s more like 3ft
(head high), sunny, hot, warm water, mellow crew and awesome glassy lil’
peaks. South Bondi had long rippable rights. Finally Bondi wasn’t fat
and was pure glass with decent walls.

If you missed it this morning, you’ve missed it. The
high tide will come in making it fat and strong 15/20knot NE will blow
it to bits this afternoon.

Midnight tonight a south change will rock in howling
20/30 knots of south wind, but also bringing a new swell with it (lets
see what happens). High tide 20:42 Low tide 16:57

Have a great day.

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