::Wednesday, 3 March 2004

A few sneaky fun waves around this morning.
A light offshore Westerlie wind creating good conditions with 3 foot waves
at Bondi. Large crew out between 6:30am and 7:30am (I counted 35). Bondi
only really had one peak with a sluggish right hander. Great for the wider
boards like a fish as it was the usual fatty Bondi waves with little wall.
Winds will swing into the SE and blow onshore this afternoon. Protected
corners are the go. Max 24 degrees today, partly cloudy before coming
fine tomorrow and Friday. Large swell due from the north east on Saturday
afternoon – my call around the 6 – 8ft mark. This Sunday big too! Yeha!

Last night I checked out Jack McCoy’s new surf
film – BLUE HORIZON on the big screen. BLUE HORIZON tells the story of
2 hot surfers on 2 very different paths. Andy Irons, two-time WCT world
champion is the ultimate competitor, hungry to win everything and dominate
the world for fortune and fame…whilst Dave Rastovich, a free surfer
who doesn’t compete in the WCT, travels the globe surfing perfect uncrowded
waves living a healthy lifestyle of peacefulness, no stress, meditation
and yoga. (ermm…think I’m needing a career change)

This is Jack’s 23rd film on surfing and definitely
worth seeing. It’s on at 7pm every night until 14th March at the Orpheum
Cinema in Cremorne. For more information go to www.jackmccoy.com
or buy your tickets from www.ticketek.com

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be open until next Thursday, so get your entries in by going clicking
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