::Thursday, 4 March 2004

It’s 2 foot and pumping…woohoo…that
is if you’re a beginner. At 7am the south swell was dribbling into Bondi
and not looking too flash at all. Waves were very weak and close together.
Best save your energy as we have some good north swell chunks heading
our way and the next 3 days is looking good. The weekend is looking especially
big, like 8ft + at exposed beaches.

High tide 07:24, Low tide 14:50, High tide 20:02.
Water is a warm 23 degrees with NE winds this afternoon. Max land temp.
25 degrees mostly sunny becoming fine tomorrow. Great sunrise this morning…

Have a great day.
If you’ve sent me a email, and I haven’t gotten back to you…sorry, really
behind at the moment…

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