::Tuesday, 23 March 2004

Bumpybumps. Geez it would be good if this wind
would back off. The South-easterly onshores continue today churning up
a decent head high plus swell. Wind is predicted to swing to the NE later
tonight which may make it inviting tomorrow. At present (7:30am) not much
good to us. Some decent size around the place, if it hangs around the
rest of the week may be good for a wave. High tide 10:41 Low tide 16:46,
Wind: SE 10/15, knots Swell: E/SE 2 to 3 metres, Water 22°C, Max.
Land temp 24°C

Remember the Snap off the lip surf video competition at
Bondi hotel earlier this year? Here are the eleven finalists that were
screened. View
Finalists Videos

Ever wondered if New York gets any waves? Well on March
11th was totally cranking. The water looked ridiculously cold (5mm wetsuits,
booties and hoods minimum). Check out these waves only 40 minutes from
Manhattan. View

Or if you’re into cold water surfing, why not check out
what the surf is like in Ireland? Click
for Tom’s Lahinch Surf Report

Happy birthday Kneckers.
Have a great day!

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