::Wednesday, 24 March 2004

What da?..offshore breezes…sun is shining…good
conditions…swell hanging around? Yep…we’ve got some waves this morning.

3 footers rolling into middle Bondi on a sucky shallow
bank (hence, the gold barrel shot today – me like). I think a lot of places
would be going off today. Try finding a beach that picks up the ENE swell
and you’ll be styling.

Winds currently from the west (offshore) and will
swing to the south this afternoon 10/15knots. Water temp a toasty 24°C!
Much warmer in the water than on the land! High tide 11:17, Low tide 17:15
. Outlook for surfing looks healthy over the next couple of days, so if
the surfer that sits next to you at work is sick tomorrow, be happy for
him… Today is the first day I have worn more than 1 layer of clothing.
Not a good sign – go away winter!

PS – and where is PPPPPagey
when the surf is going off…yep…you guessed it…Yoga![big girl] He’s
so changed…we’re thinking of selling his surfboards due to lack of use!

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