::Thursday, 18 March 2004

What a way to start the morning. A spectacular
sunrise with some small fun waves. Bondage had waist to shoulder high
waves in the south end worthy of a sneaky paddle. Small crew enjoying
the great conditions with little wind and sensational warm water. This
is all about to change with a fresh southerly change rolling in with howling
20/25knots of wind. Between 6am and 10am will be the best of it today
otherwise expect onshore mush. Swell will pick up over head high this

Are you surfing at age 60-70?
George Negus Tonight, ABC TV is currently researching
a story
about growing old staying young and they want to profile an older surfer

someone in their 60s or 70s or older who still board surfs. They must
willing to share their story and their love of surfing on national TV.
(Sydney residents). Email arnott.ingrid@abc.net.au
(Norgs? Pagey? Brent? Brad? ha!)

Man Ray exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery
Man Ray was one of the most influential photographers
of the 20th Century. If you’re interested in photography or collecting
photography come to the Young Art Collectors event next Monday (22nd March)
at the Art Gallery of NSW for a private viewing of the excellent Man
Ray Exhibition
; and also hear prominent photography collector Pat
Corrigan talk about how to get started on your own photography collection.

Aquabumps is offering a special subscriber’s price
of $30 for the event, which also includes drinks and food…

For bookings contact Vanessa on 02 9225 1675 or VanessaH@ag.nsw.gov.au

Contempo, a part of the Art Gallery of NSW
Society, runs a programme of events for people in their 20s and 30s.

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