::Wednesday, 17 March 2004

The swell has dropped over night leaving us
with less than perfect conditions. A slight onshore wind is chewing up
the 2 footers that reached Bondi this morning. Beginners and frothn’ man
grommets only today I would think.

Wind will be light this morning before blowing 15/20knots
of E/NE (directly onshore) before swinging slightly to the NE overnight.
Slight increase tomorrow afternoon…

Best check out the Snickers Australian Open
surf comp down at Maroubra
which started yesterday and runs until

So big names are surfing like Taj Burrows and Kelly
(Rumour has it Taj was surfing Bondi yesterday).

If you’re fan of chilled-out tunes like Ben
Harper, Michael Franti, Ben Lee, Cold Play and more…you’ll be into
this new Coastal Chill CD No.2.

You can listen to the tracks & enter a comp to
win Tracks or Waves Magazine subscriptions by going to this link: http://www.musichead.com.au/ecards/coastalchill2/chill.htm

Here is Ben Harper’s video clip
‘With My Own Two Hands’:

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