Friday, March 31, 2006

The oceans have settled under overcast skies today. Bondi was drawing the most out of this micro-south swell, breaking around waist to chest high in the southern corner. Dark morning as we’re about to switch day light saving hours this weekend.

Currently glassy conditions prevail with the chance of a North-Easter later today. Yeah its worth a paddle, but the beefy south swell due on Sunday is a whole lot more exciting. Monday should be a heap of fun with northerly winds predicted. 09:32 High tide, 15:32 low tide, 25 degree day, water around 22.
If you haven’t already picked up on it – Aquabumps has a permanent gallery currently exhibiting it’s gold collection. The Aquabumps gallery is open 10am to 4pm this weekend and resides at 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi (next door to 3 eggs cafe and the street behind North bondi RSL). View Map. Recent swimmer cams Jo King & Jehan will be opening the doors this weekend – go easy boys – it’s all about the art remember.
The Margaret River Pro is currently on and you can watch the action live over the net. 3-4 foot today. Not a bad place to be right now…Finals on Sunday
In the music department, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have just released their new album called "Show Your Bones" – yeah you know, when you put your finger in a light socket. Listen to whole cd
Later, ::Uge

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

In a recent Aquabumps survey 90% said they look
at this report cause of the photos. So I could probably get away
with writing anything in here, talking about yo mama, panel van
exhaust pipes or where to find da best snitzchel in Sydney. So for
today I’ll let the images do the talking – it’s good today, much
smaller, super clean and heaps of fun. Swell coming on Sundee.
Kerrbox and Azza
are starring on the big screen tonight at the Beach Road
Hotel at 8pm. Come see the monster tow ins from Big Tuesday
filmed at Tama. For those pedantic readers (yes those that read
my scribbly bits in great detail), it was Azza Graham in that shot
I’ve been featuring lately of a beefy tow – not Rod Kerr (known
as Kerbox – not the Buzzy Kerbox the Hawaiian, we’re talking the
local Bondi lifeguard). Know we’ve got that straight my inbox might
be a little lighter today.
Good light for shooting this morning. Here is
a online gallery with additional shots. If you are in any of these
shots I will sell the hi res file to you for $50.
This deal only for these shots today. Email me image name
and your telephone number – contact

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pretty incredible couple of days. Today is bit
of an anti climax after yesterdays thunder bumps. It’s dropped
a heap and onshore…so best surf something with protection from
the SE winds (e.g. Manly). Bondi was around 4 – 6 foot and
very full – probably better suited to the lower tide. Clouds
have smothered Sydney bringing rain and a maximum of 26 degrees
today. The swell will fade now before coming back on Sunday.
Even the Harbour was breaking yesterday – yes,
you can surf with the Sydney skyline in the background. It’s
not a hot wave, but you can wave to the manly ferry passengers whilst
dodging the shark net poles. Check out these snaps from yesterday…

Later, ::uge

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The gods have favoured us over the past 24 hours with some of the most spectacular swells we’ve seen in a long time. Everyone is talking about it…the coffee dude, the cabbeys, the frothas in the car park, the school kids, the mums with prams…it’s big…real big and solid…coming in from the east thanks to the northern cyclone activity. Last night’s sess will go down as top 5 in Sydney’s beaches, it was clean, big and lining up just nice for a change. How big? 3 metre faces with the odd 4 + metre faces – couple freak sets even bigger at Tama which was totally exposed to this energy. Nielsen park (inside the Harbour) is breaking infrequently, Ben Buckler had the odd fatty bomb set, Fairy Bower, Queensie Bombie, Barrenjoey….all should reveal fortune for the bold. Strongly advise experienced surfers only – there is way too much water moving around…saw a guy try and swim from Tama to Bronte at 6:30am this morning – nuts.

Local lifeguards Rod Kerrbox and Azza Graham have spent the morning being towed onto some meaty lefts at tama in front of a large crowd sitting on the cliffs. Dancing all over wide open faces, the pair battled bumpy faces as the SE wind disrupted face quality. Jetski essential – unless you want to befriend the twins.
Tonight the swell will fade leaving us more manageable conditions. Later,::uge

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Car broke down, ear infection, train strike, thought it was Sunday (der), working from home, got a blue bottle wrapped around your neck, bad chicken, got speared by a kamikaze back packer at south Bondi, mum dropped in for a surprise visit…all good excuses to throw a sickie today even if it’s Monday and we’re all sus of playing hookey on Mondays.

The real reason would be our Sydney beaches have transformed into fields of clover, liquid delights all round under perfect summer’s sunshine, off shore winds and head to head + half high. Swell is from the east, winds look NW. It’s good and there is loads of breaks working today so spread yourselves in the indo-like water conditions.
High tide 06:14, Low tide 12:49, toasty water temp. Land 27 degrees with NE winds later. Tomorrow – yeoow she’s gonna crank.
Cheap boards still for sale at the Ding Doctor 187 Bronte road Waverley (0405 059 134). Later, ::uge

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Not much honk in the tonk this morning. Swell has dropped and the devilish good-for-nothin’ east south east wind is currently blowing creating bumpiness. You’ll still find a surfable chest high wave and a pretty unoccupied peak more towards the middle of Bondi beach. Confucius say work hard now and reap the benefits of the weekends inbound building swell – looking good for Monday.

High tide 17:10, low tide 11:09, 24 degrees with a few showers.
Aquabumps Gallery is open Saturday and Sunday this weekend 10am to 4pm. 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi (next door to 3 eggs cafe). View Map
Have good weekend.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

It’s one of those mornings where you would peek through your blinds, see the greyness, the dribbly rain and hit the snooze button. However if you dragged yourself outta bed you would have found playful, small chest high sets, super clean (7am), breaking at mid Bond*age under a unique sunrise. Another observation would be the slight tinge of coolness in the air – as if winter were just around the corner. Nooooooooooooooooooo. Evil.

25 degrees today, partly cloudy, easterly winds after morning glass. Next decent swell not until Sunday. Early next week is shaping up to be a goodie so earn those brownie points now as you might be surfing all day Sunday, ah huh, ok and maybe Saturday as it will pick up during the day. Heck go surf outa town for the weekend – I like it. That is, of course, if you’re not checking out the new Aquabumps gallery in North Bondi 98 Brighton Boulevard (next door to the old Brown Sugar cafe) – did I mention open 10am to 4pm this weeekend? Enough ramble.
Samudra Surf and Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay has 3 places left starting 2nd April – 8th April. Come and learn Astanga yoga, Surfing for all levels and an Ayruvedic diet in pristine surroundings Phone Sheridan 0408480077 or click here

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gee these surf reports are arriving late nowadays
eh. Today’s surf report comes from peaceful Avalon where waves were
around waist to chest high this morning – and the odd set larger.
The overnight-wind generated swell didn’t have a great deal of grunt,
but it was clean and playful in the south end. The rest of the week
looks pretty dismal with small swell + east wind curse…so this
morning was it for a few days…
2 time world champion and surfings 1st million dollar
man, big Tommy Carroll came along for a few off
the reef. TC who doesn’t blink an eye at 12 foot pipe has still
got his powerful old skool style even in today’s small Avalon surf.
Surfing on a variety of boards resembling wafer crackers ranging
from 5’5″s to 5’11″s – TC still cranks the heat out on a wally left.
One more thing, the Aquabumps gallery opened last
night. A permanent gallery showcasing the best of the bumps shots
can now be seen at 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi. Large
checked out the first reveal last night. Big fat
thanks to Blue Tongue beer, Madfish wines, Mt Franklin Sparking,
Aloha, Bishop Displays, Sophie C, Ness, Jamie, Mad Dog, Jo, Cakey,
Matty Yo, Ma+Pa, Emergent, Aquatech, Barbs, Tim Kelley, Chibby &
Pip for helping out and making it happen. More info on the gallery
coming – come and see it for yourself this weekend.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

We all know when the southerly has been howling overnight we can expect the surf in the morning to be a) bumpy b) bigger they yesterday c) probably overcast and the heavens will more than likely dribble on us.

It’s surfable with the odd crumbling pocket around head high at Bondi (4 people out at 7am)…it ain’t that inviting…but if you’re currently ranked 2 in the world, like WA slasher Taj Burrow, no matter how bad the conditions you’ll throw some heat out. He’s currently in town after a second in the Quicky pro up the coast.
Specifics – Max 24 degrees. SE winds. SE tomorrow too…Gets bigger this afternoon. This week looks lame – grey and small – crank out the work.
Tunage: Ben Harper’s released his seventh album "Both sides of the gun" Well worth a listen. Listen Online

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Crazy 24 hours down the beaches. Na not the surf – pretty lame in that department. Last night 50 feet off the Icebergs pool, a lone 8 foot Bronze Whaler Shark sniffed around – scaring the crackers out of young 15 year old surfer Blake – giving him a little nudge off his board.

"Lot of salmon around at the moment…bringing a couple of sharkies into the bay" says Harry the lifeguard who has been around forever.
Chuck the Bergs pool cleaner, a mad game fisherman qualified the sighting – last night watching the stealth bomber lurk in the southern end of Bondi.
If you live in Tama, last night you might have been keep up with the Police chopper doing circle work and high beamin’ the waters near the twins in search of a body. Approximately 11:20pm last night a guy went for swim and didn’t return to the shores. Police and Lifeguards are still on the job this morning diving for the body. At 9am nothing found yet…
Surf conditions were clean this morning, but the swell has swung more east and is missing Bondi. Exposed beaches (e.g. Whaley) would show head high sets whilst Bond*age is around knee high and weak. Hot beach day – thumpin’ 31 degrees with cloud cover coming this afternoon and northerly winds. Weak south change overnight. High tide 09:56, low tide 16:09

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I would compare today’s surf to a 10-dollar no-names chicken schnitzel. It didn’t look that crash hot when it’s flung on ya table 5 seconds after ordering it from a Brazilian back packer – but half way through it you’re thinking – dang – that plastic cheese is hitting the spot.

Mostly small waist to chest high with the odd set doin’ its thing. Couple of beltable pockets. Banks seem to function even will fatty full tides. Better than it looked from the beach – thought it was going to be a right off with confused South/NE swell. Currently offshore now (w), will swing (e) or (ne) later today. 5-outa-10. Only 24 degrees today. High tide 09:24 low tide 15:40. NW winds tomorrow & maybe a bit smaller.
Giant ping-pong ball burns over the Ben Buckler car park this morning. Nice. Worth dragging outa bed for. Luego::ugio

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

One word. Mushville. There is bad and then there’s real bad. Both thumbs down. Last nights south change has blown disappointment into town – disheveled onshore wind chop trying to be a wind swell just ain’t cutting it. So expect knee to waist high ocean chop. Surely there is better stuff you could be doing. Polish that panel van exhaust pipe whilst waiting for swell towards the end of the week.

27 degrees land. 23 water. SE onshore now. NW/NE tomorrow (better). South change thurs. More swell Thurs/Friday from thurs south change. High tide 08:50am Low tide 15:12.
Kelly Slater kicks off this year’s pro tour with a win up in Goldie last Friday. He’s a machine. 8 world titles possible? He’s a Alien I tell you. Later, u-g-e

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Heavenly morning conditions with a burning sunrise, glassy surfaces, warm water, an absence of blueys and small but fun inconsistent shoulder high wave. Large lulls in between sets that may test the patience at times, and some of the sets were kinda fat with an early morning high tide, but a special way to start the week.

The swell was fading by the hour, so you’d best be quick. This afternoon won’t show much. We’re going to hit a big FAT dirty-thirty-2 degrees today so I guess you need to ask yourself if what you’re working on can wait – extend the weekend before the afternoon’s clouds smother sunshine bringing a shower tomorrow. Go on.
High tide 08:16 Low tide 14:43 High tide 20:45. Water 24. NW winds now, NE later::yooj

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Went sour pretty quick. After two days of salubrious surf conditions we’re left with small onshore junk this morning. It’s surfable this morning down at Bondi with sets around shoulder to occasionally head high – but she pretty bumpy and unpredictable with an early south easterly wind knocking the quality out of it. High tide 06:10 Low tide 13:07. max 27 land temp. Blueys are back!

The trend for the weekend is going to be a fading swell with fine weather and NE winds.
Get down to Underwater Australia Gallery on Saturday between 2pm and 4pm and meet an Australian Legend – Shane Gould one of the world’s greatest-ever swimmers. She is holding her first-ever exhibition of underwater photography ‘This Swimming Feeling’ The exhibition runs from 8 – 29 March.Open Tues – Sat 10am – 6pm, Sun 10am – 4pm 1 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra.
marc fauxdeath launches tonight. What’s that I hear you say? You’ll see. If you want to go to their [ ro-n-chi paa-ti ] tonight email [email protected] to get a bait and work out where to go.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Even with a decrease in swell height this morning we’re still got some meaty chunks rocking into Bondi. Sets are up around 4-5 foot solid, with the odd set bigger in the southern end. There is absolutely nothing for it to break on – and is pretty much shutting down straight with no escape. Dragged the big mutha lens down there, stood for 45 min, barely getting a shot of anybody surfing a wave that didn’t close. So I guess that says it all. So many other options today…to top it off is a mega day – 31 degrees, sunny with NW winds early, NE later. Combine that with a south swell and any facing south will be good all day (if there’s banks). High tide 05:12, low tide12:21, High tide 18:17.

Our friends at United Galleries are having an exhibition of Award-winning Aussie artists in Singapore next week, Thurs 16th. There are some amazing works available – if you are able, get on down to The Art Loft for opening night drinks and meet the guys. Click here for details.
To win Fine Art in this years competition please click here.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Haven’t seen one of those in a while – a decent sized chunk at Bondi. Shame there’s nothing for it to break on. The swell has kicked up quite a few notches and you’ll find bombers out the back breaking 5-6 foot. They’re pretty fat out the back and shutting down once they hit the straight banks – so not much good to you really. Hand full of guys trying to negotiate lips on the head – permanently parting their hair. Today is a day for travel as loads of places would be working. Just bake it as she’s a nice swell and worth carving your initials into.

Overcast now, sunny later. South East winds now, North East later (for real). 22 degrees now, 27 degrees later. Mid tide now (low 11:19), high tide later (17:14). Busy now…surfing later (hope).
Former Bondi Boardriders Club president, Ben Davies has finally done something his mother can be proud of. On Wednesday night you can see his efforts as series producer translated into the TV show Bondi Rescue. It features his mates, local lads Yatesy, Bisho, and Hoppo, in action on the beach. Tonight the boys deal with a man pulled dead from the water.
Soul Riders is on tonight with ‘All Aboard the Crazy Train’ Premiere – featuring the biggest waves ever surfed during the super historic Hawaiian winter of 2005 (preview). Second film is ‘Change the Subject’ a new release film dedicated to freesurfing with your mates (preview).

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Peering through the bedroom blinds at 6am to a nice surprise…south swell…solid…offshore…barely anyone out. Splash a bit of water on the face to make sure I ain’t sleep walking. Nope. It’s still looks pretty good. Last night’s cool south change came through with the goods and is producing waves at Bondi over head high. It’s going to get bigger as the day progresses – 5-6 foot tomorrow – yeeeeooowww.

One problem @ Bondi…the sands on the move and filling up the channels straightening the banks out – close out central. So best chuck some boards in the back of the ute, crank up the stezza and hit the highway to an exposed south facing beach with a perfect bank before the south east onshore blows this afternoon. Winds aren’t favourable tomorrow (SE/E) but solid swell will be getting into protected corners (e.g Manly). High tide 15:48, Low tide 10am. Max 27 on land.
Big board sale going down at the DING DOCTOR – 187 Bronte road Waverley (0405 059 134)…boards from local shaper/shredder Andrew Harris. Wot – can get brand’spanka stick for $399? No way – yes way honks. Later, uge

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Gods created so many cool things: Lance’s Right, Angelina Jolie, Pistachio Gelato, Boranup Forest, Telescopes, Danny Howells….but what was he thinking when he invented the BLUE BOTTLE. The lil’ creepy fugly beasties just drift into bays lashin’ victims like a loose electric cable. Yesterday a huge swam hit our beaches clearing the peak…damn blue aliens gave me a whippin’. Enuf rambles. Moral of the story – Keep an eye out for them.

Back to today’s surf conditions…it’s a lot cleaner with offshore winds…couple of small peaks down at Bond*age, nothing that special as it’s lacking size and push – waist high. Since the swell is coming from the ENE other exposed beaches would attract more grunt and size. Sensational day to start the week with a classy sunrise heading to a top of 29. NW winds now, NE later, South change will rock on in later tonight cooling us down. High tide 14:27 Low tide 08:39
Have a great week. Later, ::uge

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Hard to get amped about random onshore-blue bottle riddled overcast
bond*age today. Odd peak at 2nd ramps worth decimating, but she’s
wonky and unpredictable with most chunks eventuating into a close
out. So what does that all mean? – is average and you’d have to
be a frotha. The swell has come up quite a bit with over head high
sets…winds are from the south east and it’s only going to be 25
today. Warm and rainy over the weekend with smaller waves. Can’t
remember the last time I saw it absolutely pumping…surely we’re
due. High tide 11:40am, Low tide 17:50

The girls meet the first Saturday of every month from March through
to December. Everyone meets at 7.30am in the car park at Bondi at
the southern steps (closest to skateboard ramp). The grades are
Advanced, Intermediate, juniors, Long Board, Adult Beginners, and
Junior Beginners. To compete, you need to join up as member ($60
for season) and it is $5.00 per comp. But anyone who just wants
to come and check out how it all works is also welcome. Because
of all the different grades, surfers don’t have to be any good but
Jessie Miley-Dyer started out here so …. go chix. Give it a go.

Big board sale going down at the DING DOCTOR –
187 Bronte road Waverley (0405 059 134)…boards from local shaper/shredder
Andrew Harris. Wot – can get brand’spanka stick for $399?
No way – yes way honks

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

More swell sliding into Bondi this morning with waves around shoulder to occasionally head high. Ocean looks a little confused with some east/south swell combo smothered with onshore SE winds. You’d get the odd wave if you played your cards right. 10:50 high tide, 17:09 low tide. Dark morning with virtually no light until 7:30am – not the best conditions for shooting pics. People say I make the surf look better than it really is. Of course I Photoshop Andy Irons (and call him Wal) from 10 ft Chopes and put him on Bondi 2 foot dribbles.

Tomorrow expect shower or two (25degrees), SE/NE winds, slightly smaller than today,
Classic email from reader:"I live in Vancouver Canada. I am an old body surfer. I look at the photos of Bondi each day and have memories of my youthful years at Bondi. I think I commenced body surfing this area before any one. You have, by now guessed, I am 77 years old."..Ray, Canada, Vancouver
Have a good day. —– — – – – – – >Uge

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The east swell continues…as it rocks on past
south facing Bondi into more exposed beaches. Bra, Whaley should
be showing something with head high sets. Bondi was knee high, overcast
and wonky at 7am. Sometimes a decent left on the middle bank against
a rip, but you’ve probably got more important things to do. It’s
going to rain today with the odd thunderstorm (Max 25). High tide
10:04 low tide 16:29. Fresh South-South East winds will blow this
afternoon…strap down the barbie lid.
The swell will grow tomorrow, and Bondi should
show beef (3ft-4ft) – the winds aren’t favorable with E/SE predicted.
If there’s too much east in the wind – butchered onshore Bond-age.
e/NE winds on Friday – which looks better.
Crazee Benny (with the mad afro) down at Six
Ounce Boardroom
is kicking off his once in a Blue
Moon sale. He’s got some sweet rides and good deals going.
144-148 Glenayr Ave Bondi – talk it up, Benny hotline 9300 8339.
Go on – spoil ya self – surely you need a new board. The other 6
are getting old.
Later, —>Uge

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