Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gee these surf reports are arriving late nowadays
eh. Today’s surf report comes from peaceful Avalon where waves were
around waist to chest high this morning – and the odd set larger.
The overnight-wind generated swell didn’t have a great deal of grunt,
but it was clean and playful in the south end. The rest of the week
looks pretty dismal with small swell + east wind curse…so this
morning was it for a few days…

2 time world champion and surfings 1st million dollar
man, big Tommy Carroll came along for a few off
the reef. TC who doesn’t blink an eye at 12 foot pipe has still
got his powerful old skool style even in today’s small Avalon surf.
Surfing on a variety of boards resembling wafer crackers ranging
from 5’5″s to 5’11″s – TC still cranks the heat out on a wally left.

One more thing, the Aquabumps gallery opened last
night. A permanent gallery showcasing the best of the bumps shots
can now be seen at 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi. Large
checked out the first reveal last night. Big fat
thanks to Blue Tongue beer, Madfish wines, Mt Franklin Sparking,
Aloha, Bishop Displays, Sophie C, Ness, Jamie, Mad Dog, Jo, Cakey,
Matty Yo, Ma+Pa, Emergent, Aquatech, Barbs, Tim Kelley, Chibby &
Pip for helping out and making it happen. More info on the gallery
coming – come and see it for yourself this weekend.


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