Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Haven’t seen one of those in a while – a decent sized chunk at Bondi. Shame there’s nothing for it to break on. The swell has kicked up quite a few notches and you’ll find bombers out the back breaking 5-6 foot. They’re pretty fat out the back and shutting down once they hit the straight banks – so not much good to you really. Hand full of guys trying to negotiate lips on the head – permanently parting their hair. Today is a day for travel as loads of places would be working. Just bake it as she’s a nice swell and worth carving your initials into.

Overcast now, sunny later. South East winds now, North East later (for real). 22 degrees now, 27 degrees later. Mid tide now (low 11:19), high tide later (17:14). Busy now…surfing later (hope).

Former Bondi Boardriders Club president, Ben Davies has finally done something his mother can be proud of. On Wednesday night you can see his efforts as series producer translated into the TV show Bondi Rescue. It features his mates, local lads Yatesy, Bisho, and Hoppo, in action on the beach. Tonight the boys deal with a man pulled dead from the water.

Soul Riders is on tonight with ‘All Aboard the Crazy Train’ Premiere – featuring the biggest waves ever surfed during the super historic Hawaiian winter of 2005 (preview). Second film is ‘Change the Subject’ a new release film dedicated to freesurfing with your mates (preview).

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