Thursday, March 09, 2006

Even with a decrease in swell height this morning we’re still got some meaty chunks rocking into Bondi. Sets are up around 4-5 foot solid, with the odd set bigger in the southern end. There is absolutely nothing for it to break on – and is pretty much shutting down straight with no escape. Dragged the big mutha lens down there, stood for 45 min, barely getting a shot of anybody surfing a wave that didn’t close. So I guess that says it all. So many other options today…to top it off is a mega day – 31 degrees, sunny with NW winds early, NE later. Combine that with a south swell and any facing south will be good all day (if there’s banks). High tide 05:12, low tide12:21, High tide 18:17.

Our friends at United Galleries are having an exhibition of Award-winning Aussie artists in Singapore next week, Thurs 16th. There are some amazing works available – if you are able, get on down to The Art Loft for opening night drinks and meet the guys. Click here for details.

To win Fine Art in this years competition please click here.

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