Tuesday, March 14, 2006

One word. Mushville. There is bad and then there’s real bad. Both thumbs down. Last nights south change has blown disappointment into town – disheveled onshore wind chop trying to be a wind swell just ain’t cutting it. So expect knee to waist high ocean chop. Surely there is better stuff you could be doing. Polish that panel van exhaust pipe whilst waiting for swell towards the end of the week.

27 degrees land. 23 water. SE onshore now. NW/NE tomorrow (better). South change thurs. More swell Thurs/Friday from thurs south change. High tide 08:50am Low tide 15:12.

Kelly Slater kicks off this year’s pro tour with a win up in Goldie last Friday. He’s a machine. 8 world titles possible? He’s a Alien I tell you. Later, u-g-e

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