Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I would compare today’s surf to a 10-dollar no-names chicken schnitzel. It didn’t look that crash hot when it’s flung on ya table 5 seconds after ordering it from a Brazilian back packer – but half way through it you’re thinking – dang – that plastic cheese is hitting the spot.

Mostly small waist to chest high with the odd set doin’ its thing. Couple of beltable pockets. Banks seem to function even will fatty full tides. Better than it looked from the beach – thought it was going to be a right off with confused South/NE swell. Currently offshore now (w), will swing (e) or (ne) later today. 5-outa-10. Only 24 degrees today. High tide 09:24 low tide 15:40. NW winds tomorrow & maybe a bit smaller.

Giant ping-pong ball burns over the Ben Buckler car park this morning. Nice. Worth dragging outa bed for. Luego::ugio

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