Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The gods have favoured us over the past 24 hours with some of the most spectacular swells we’ve seen in a long time. Everyone is talking about it…the coffee dude, the cabbeys, the frothas in the car park, the school kids, the mums with prams…it’s big…real big and solid…coming in from the east thanks to the northern cyclone activity. Last night’s sess will go down as top 5 in Sydney’s beaches, it was clean, big and lining up just nice for a change. How big? 3 metre faces with the odd 4 + metre faces – couple freak sets even bigger at Tama which was totally exposed to this energy. Nielsen park (inside the Harbour) is breaking infrequently, Ben Buckler had the odd fatty bomb set, Fairy Bower, Queensie Bombie, Barrenjoey….all should reveal fortune for the bold. Strongly advise experienced surfers only – there is way too much water moving around…saw a guy try and swim from Tama to Bronte at 6:30am this morning – nuts.

Local lifeguards Rod Kerrbox and Azza Graham have spent the morning being towed onto some meaty lefts at tama in front of a large crowd sitting on the cliffs. Dancing all over wide open faces, the pair battled bumpy faces as the SE wind disrupted face quality. Jetski essential – unless you want to befriend the twins.

Tonight the swell will fade leaving us more manageable conditions. Later,::uge

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