Monday, March 27, 2006

Car broke down, ear infection, train strike, thought it was Sunday (der), working from home, got a blue bottle wrapped around your neck, bad chicken, got speared by a kamikaze back packer at south Bondi, mum dropped in for a surprise visit…all good excuses to throw a sickie today even if it’s Monday and we’re all sus of playing hookey on Mondays.

The real reason would be our Sydney beaches have transformed into fields of clover, liquid delights all round under perfect summer’s sunshine, off shore winds and head to head + half high. Swell is from the east, winds look NW. It’s good and there is loads of breaks working today so spread yourselves in the indo-like water conditions.

High tide 06:14, Low tide 12:49, toasty water temp. Land 27 degrees with NE winds later. Tomorrow – yeoow she’s gonna crank.

Cheap boards still for sale at the Ding Doctor 187 Bronte road Waverley (0405 059 134). Later, ::uge

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