Thursday, March 30, 2006

In a recent Aquabumps survey 90% said they look
at this report cause of the photos. So I could probably get away
with writing anything in here, talking about yo mama, panel van
exhaust pipes or where to find da best snitzchel in Sydney. So for
today I’ll let the images do the talking – it’s good today, much
smaller, super clean and heaps of fun. Swell coming on Sundee.

Kerrbox and Azza
are starring on the big screen tonight at the Beach Road
Hotel at 8pm
. Come see the monster tow ins from Big Tuesday
filmed at Tama. For those pedantic readers (yes those that read
my scribbly bits in great detail), it was Azza Graham in that shot
I’ve been featuring lately of a beefy tow – not Rod Kerr (known
as Kerbox – not the Buzzy Kerbox the Hawaiian, we’re talking the
local Bondi lifeguard). Know we’ve got that straight my inbox might
be a little lighter today.

Good light for shooting this morning. Here is
a online gallery with additional shots. If you are in any of these
shots I will sell the hi res file to you for $50.
This deal only for these shots today. Email me image name
and your telephone numbercontact

Additional Shots from today

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