Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The east swell continues…as it rocks on past
south facing Bondi into more exposed beaches. Bra, Whaley should
be showing something with head high sets. Bondi was knee high, overcast
and wonky at 7am. Sometimes a decent left on the middle bank against
a rip, but you’ve probably got more important things to do. It’s
going to rain today with the odd thunderstorm (Max 25). High tide
10:04 low tide 16:29. Fresh South-South East winds will blow this
afternoon…strap down the barbie lid.

The swell will grow tomorrow, and Bondi should
show beef (3ft-4ft) – the winds aren’t favorable with E/SE predicted.
If there’s too much east in the wind – butchered onshore Bond-age.
e/NE winds on Friday – which looks better.

Crazee Benny (with the mad afro) down at Six
Ounce Boardroom
is kicking off his once in a Blue
Moon sale.
He’s got some sweet rides and good deals going.
144-148 Glenayr Ave Bondi – talk it up, Benny hotline 9300 8339.
Go on – spoil ya self – surely you need a new board. The other 6
are getting old.
Later, —>Uge

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