Suns out and it is turning into a cracker beach day. The surf is dismal, knee to waist high, onshore. The wind will kick around to the NE later which should clean it up a little.
The forecast shows some promise for tomorrow. It will be short-lived though.
Some things you should know:

Stephanie Gilmore just won her 6th World Surfing title. She’s amazing.
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Have a great weekend – gonna be great weather ::uge

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Not a beach day today.
In fact I’d say Bondi hosts some of the worst mush I’ve seen in ages. 1 foot mush. Backing up my theory was a deserted line up. For those who don’t live in Bondi – it’s never, ever empty. People around here will surf half a foot and onshore. These showers should clear this afternoon making for a better half of the day.
In the absence of decent shots this morning, I’ve put together a collection of images I think look really good framed. I would hang any of these on my walls at home (some already do). Most of this selection you can see in our Bondi Gallery, all framed up and lookin’ mint…but if you had to order a gift for someone, pick one of these and I reckon you can’t go wrong. View entire range
Volcom are having a crazy sale tonight also. 50% off from 5pm. (Thursday 27th November 2014) . Head to 185 Pittwater Road Manly. More Info
Seeya :: uge

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The south swell has come up in all that wind – but it’s of poor quality. Wind swells normally are. Good to see something surfable after a dead flat day, but it’s only 2/10.
It’s summer…time to get healthy. Our buddies from Bronte will deliver fresh fruit and veg to your door, direct from the markets. Just call Sam the Fruitman hotline 0420 906 061
The world’s oldest competitive surfer, Bondi legend, Barry ‘Magoo’ McGuigan passed away last week at age 85. Magoo was quite the character…a early adopter of yoga and spent his entire life crusted in salt dancing up and down a long board. Just spend 2 minutes watching this film and you will see what I mean.  Tomorrow (27 Nov) you can show your respects to the forefather of surfing in Bondi by participating in a salute to Magoo, 12pm, Queen Elisabeth Drive, Bondi Beach (right neat the lifeguard tower). RIP Magoo.
:: uge

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Some days are really small…some days it’s totally flat. Today it’s a lake (rare).
Put the boards away and drop in for a swim, before the southerly hits.
Once the southerly arrives it may stir up the swell…it will be junkie.
Much cooler today.
bassike + aquabumps – soon my friends, soon.
:: uge

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Late thunder

Similar to yesterday…it’s baking up to be a hot one. It’s currently 29.3 degrees and should top out at 30. Maybe even a bolt of lightning later.
I’d like to say the surf is also cooking…but it is not. I’ll even throw out that word “UNSURFABLE”.
Go for a swim instead.
Small swell increase tomorrow but it will be onshore junk.

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Oh boy it’s damn hot…
It’s gunna hit 38 degrees today which is the hottest day in a couple of years.
Tools down…hit the beach kids. It’s just perfect. The hot weather will continue until Sunday. Surf was dismal at Bondi, NE swell so you need to go somewhere that loves the north summer swells (Manly, Bra etc).
If you’re heading down to Bondi make sure you come and see us in our icy cool, cryogenic, fully air-conditioned gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach telephone 9130 7788 (map). This is the last weekend you will be able to buy “The Beach Blog” and get “The Day in Bondi” free. It’s a ridiculously good deal only available in our Bondi store to Mastercard holders.
Bondi local Claudia runs Venus Goes Gidget which is all about inspiring women through surfing. If your lady wants to get into surfing, send her Claudia’s way. Check it out.
Okay, stay cool :: uge

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Damn those sand banks at Bondi are straight. Some of the finest close outs on offer this morning.
Every now and then a close out would hold open long enough for a ramp. Mostly 2 footers. Suns out. Tomorrow is going to be a steamy 35 degrees!
Did you hear that they pulled a Great White Shark out of the nets at Bondi yesterday? More

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Sometimes these emails run late. Sometimes they run late and include typos.
Sometimes, but not often, they don’t run at all.
Sometimes it runs late because of the work experience kid, but there is not school kid to blame today.
Sometimes the surf is so good that it would be a sin to sit indoors and update our website.
Today I have no excuses. The surf is OK(ish) 2-3 junky foot, but not good enough to warrant a late email. Sorry, she’s late.
Nice day though, whats left of it. Go outside.
I have a very special deal for you. If you are a Mastercard credit card holder you’re in luck! Rock into our gallery and we give you 2 of our Aquabumps books for the price of one (1 “Day at Bondi” and 1 “Beach Blog“). No strings, no dish washing, just one hell of a deal that is basically 50% off…

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1 of each type of book, not 2 of the same book.

See you at Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 with your Mastercards. Open every day 10am to 6pm.
:: uge (Please excuse my 15 years of typos)
P.S. Portugal The Man is playing at the Bucketlist Bondi this weekend. More

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Always good people down at Bondi in the mornings. So many regulars…doing their morning thing. Some locals I have seen every single day for the past 15 years!
The surf has dropped a few gears…it’s now merely a grovel on the shorey with fat fluff out the back. Surfers will know what that means.
After a very dark, grey morning we have perfect sunshine and heading to 26 degrees.
Tim Bonython is a major frother. That man studies the weather looking for intense lows and follows big wave nuts with his video camera all over the world. He shows his footage once a year at his Amysim Australian Surf Movie Festival. The festival is hitting out neck of the woods. Books some tickets to get stoked and see some meaty slabs:

Cremorne – Hayden Orpheum Wed. 19 Nov  6:45pm BOOK NOW
Randwick – Ritz Cinema Thu. 20 Nov  7pm BOOK NOW
North Bondi RSL Mon. 24 Nov  7:30pm BOOK NOW

Catchya ::uge

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Nothing like a bit of swell to kick off a week. Even better when it’s a south swell and feeds directly into Bondi. Waves were in the 3-4 foot mark…the banks are funky but at least you can paddle into something. Not a cloud in the sky – need I say any more?
I went foraging out the back with my camera in hand. Hard to line up anything with large volumes of water moving. The shorey at South Bondi eats people – whole.
37 days until Christmas. Over the next few weeks I am going to present gift ideas for people like us – beach people. No…it’s not all Aquabumps product!

2mm short arm steamer from O’Neill. One of the best pieces of rubber I’ve ever worn. Like wearing nothing. Seriously amazing. Buy $299
Aido surfboard – the P-PUMP model. Best board for Bondi. Flat and fat, just like our waves. Webby (Aido how about updating your website this decade aye?)
bassike x Aquabumps limited edition tees…the rumors are true! Two aussie brands have joined forces to create 3 limited edition tees for this summer. Short run, organic cotton, signature bassike cuts featuring our images and graphics – launching next week (next week folks – can’t sell them this week). We wanted to partner with the best tees in the biz – you’re gonna love ’em.
Speedo x Aquabumps boardies. Our latest montage boardie in 4 way stretch featuring a collection of our Hawaiian images. Super comfy to wear in the surf – I tested ’em out for you. Buy

Later kids :: uge

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What a good looking day outside.
It’s going to be a hot one. 33 degrees forecasted. Few waves too! Bondi was 2-3 foot but that banks have been destroyed by the ‘dozer. You can catch fluffy fat things out the back or try your luck on a closing out shorey. The reef has some…but it’s fickle.
I shot with a wide angle lens in the water today (the new Canon 16mm to 35mm F4 II). She’s a beauty lens. Sharp as. I haven’t been shooting wide in the water for years as it’s so overdone. I enjoyed it today though…you have to be right up against your subjects, like 2-3 feet away…making you a participant in the action. Swam for nearly 2 hours it was that much fun.
We’ve been busy in the Aquabumps Gallery taking Christmas orders. Please remember it takes 2-3 weeks for us to make your artwork by hand. If you’re interstate or overseas add 1-2 weeks. So don’t leave it to the last minute – order online now. Also if you own a Mastercard credit card there is a very special deal going in the gallery…drop by 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach if you wanna know more.
Heading back to the beach now, bye :: uge

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Tune in, Tune out

This is how my morning unfolded:

6:00am…first beach inspection – Junky and grey, looked onshore when it was meant to be offshore at Bondi (NE). Winds seem to be coming from the East. What tha? I was ready to shoot in the brine, all wettied up and all. Looked bad so headed home to rethink plan.
6:20am…returned to beach with long lens (200mm to 400mm) and nifty 50 (mm). Waited for good waves – didn’t come. Went to south rocks for new angle…nope, nothing decent. Waited…waited. Starting thinking…better start shooting something else as surf isn’t that flash. Not many swimmers, no major events, not much light.
7:00am…went home again. Wrestled the groms. Spike coated me in snot.
7:30am…headed out again just with 50mm and the groms. Spike tried to lick every manky bin from Roscoe St. to beach. Will get sick for sure. Shot portraits of anyone I bumped into for a chat on the way. Waves looked 10 times better! What a improvement. Winds went offshore (true NE) and some nice ones rolling in (3-4 ft). Banks still lacking. Many waves were fat or closing out. Sun is out. Much better. I like.
9:00am to now…stared at a wall looking inspiration to write this copy (not my strength – I like taking photos). Getting twitchy and need to surf.

Ends :: uge

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Boom…we have waves!
After quite a few ordinary surf days this morning shaped up kinda well. The swell kicked and the winds were temporarily offshore. Bondi was 3-4 foot but looked kinda burgerish. Maroubra was smaller but had better shape. Lots of people out for the early…I know the surf is good when I can’t find a park at 6am.
Volcom have opened a new Board Lab in Manly (185 Pittwater Road Tel 9976 5411). You can rock on in and test out all the latest boards before you buy. Firewires…Haydens…they are all there. Good coffee next door at the Emporio Cafe (my regular for north side visits). More info
Feel strongly about Climate Change? Join this…Bondi Salutes G20 by attempting a world record attempt tomorrow. Yep, by sticking their heads in the sand. Thursday November 13 at 5:15pm next to the lifesaver’s tower on Bondi Beach. More info
Laters:: uge

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Greetings. The surf is terrible…I’m talking 1 out of 10. The redeeming quality of the morning was the baking summer sunshine. Nice wasn’t it? I’m sorry to say the rain is coming though, so if you missed it…you missed it.
With the rain swell will follow. It will start to trickle in later today and tomorrow should be 3-4 foot. Onshore winds will flank the swell so if you don’t mind riding a bit of junk – you’ll be in heaven.
43 days until Christmas. It creeps up on you. If you are overseas and want to purchase books and artworks from the gallery you need to get busy (takes a few weeks to make and courier stuff – anywhere in the globe). M.J. Bale are also kind ‘nuf to offer Aquabumps readers 25% off purchases when using the AQUA25 discount code online.
Have a great day, ::uge

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Nielsen Park

Seeing it is overcast, 1 foot and onshore I decided to deviate from Bondi to shoot something different. Change is good. I ended up at Nielsen Park in Vaucluse which is also known as Shark Bay. Nielsen’s got the well known shark net (there isn’t that much to worry about in the harbour).
It’s hard to believe this harbour beach is a ‘surf break’…every now and then on those mega storms swell bounces around breaking in the Eastern corner. See these photos if you don’t believe me. Also this is what Nielsen looks like from the air.
The pace is very slow down at Nielsen compared to Bondi. Barely anybody there. Great spot for the kiddies on a baking summer’s day.

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It was one of those crazy Bondi mornings where everyone was out. Surfers, runners, sculpture lovers, yogies, fluros and of course they were filming a movie down there at dawn too! Good old Bondi.
The waves were OK. 4/10 2 footers broke close to shore. Trying to snag a wave on your own was virtually impossible with the large crowd. At one point I would guess that 60 people were on one peak.
Today I shot a photo of Ben Cryan (the smiling guy in a vest). This guy is my hero. Anyone that can wipe out in Micronesia, sustain a reef cut, get infected, then survive a stroke, multiple organ failures, 33 operations…and still paddle into the line-up deserves some reco. He’s the guy that wears the big wave life jacket just in case he lapses into another epileptic fit in the water. I reckon every surfer should read his story.
This weekend is best spent on the beach. If you are coming to see Scultpure by the Sea please visit us in the Aquabumps Gallery. Maybe start your walk at Bronte and end at our gallery. Perfect! Follow it up with a breakky at Bills.
:: uge

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Not much happening down the beach this morning. The swell has backed right off and is now coming from the NE (neglecting South facing Bondi). The winds were up early and from the SE (18 knots). Choppy conditions on most beaches. The sun was hiding behind thick cloud occasionally throwing out a ray or two, resembling UFOs landing.
Saturday looks like a great beach day. Put that in the diary.
Our good friends at Audi Centre Sydney just opened the fanciest car servicing centre in the world. I don’t normally get excited about car servicing places, but this one was like stepping into a Gucci store. FANCY.
Later :: uge

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All the recent bulldozing seems to have changed our sand bank setup at Bondi. No surprises there. So far I would say the recent renovations have been a improvement. Agree?
The waves seem to be breaking close to shore. I prefer that. Then you don’t have that gaping hole in the middle where you flap around like a mad chicken. Also when I am half asleep I only have to swim out 20 metres from the shoreline to shoot (yeah, lazy, sometimes).
Waves are 2 foot…5/10. Swell is from the SE. Max 26 on land. Winds NE 15-20 knots.
‘Nuf ramble.

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Lucia Valentina

Surfing conditions have improved overnight but it’s still not cranking. The south swell is rogue and some sets broke in the 4 foot range. Bondi looked fun but I found a few at Maroubra near the stormie. Only 1 guy out – Blake.
If you donated to our Aquabumps SurfAid Cup team – THANK YOU. We raised $24,000 for Surfaid which was by far the most cash out of all the teams. Total funds raised on the day was $140k. We really appreciate the support. We came second in the SurfAid Cup for surfing…even with Owen Wright on our team! Watch Video
Today is Melbourne Cup and by the look of my subject title today you can see I am all for Lucia Valentina winning – all based on the name. Melbourne Cup is one of the rare days I’ll wear a suit (and normally lose the jacket)…MJ Bale are offering 25% off for Aquabumps readers so you can look your best for Cup day 2015. Just enter ‘AQUA25’ when checking out in their online store.
P.S. Today’s blurry shots are inspired by the days events.

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Plenty of south swell in Sydney but it’s not doing anything special. I saw waves this morning in the 3-4 foot range.  It looked a little junky with a flanking SE cross/onshore.
Maroubra was a 3 outa 10…Bondi 2 outa 10. Tomorrow should be much cleaner with offshore winds (NE).
Can you believe Christmas is 7 weeks away? Freaky how fast this year went. Seeing it takes 2-3 weeks to make artwork and another 2 weeks to ship it overseas, right now, as in, right now…is a great time to put in your Chrissy artwork orders. Just take a look at our collections, pick one, choose a size that meets your budget (or how much you like the person) and presto…we take care of the rest. Stress free shopping all from your hot little seat. Books are always a winner or for the perpetually indecisive how about a gift card. So if you are reading this in London or New York (as many do), get busy!
:: Yooj

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