Pama Davies, 18, half Cook Islander, airborne


Always good people down at Bondi in the mornings. So many regulars…doing their morning thing. Some locals I have seen every single day for the past 15 years!

The surf has dropped a few gears…it’s now merely a grovel on the shorey with fat fluff out the back. Surfers will know what that means.

After a very dark, grey morning we have perfect sunshine and heading to 26 degrees.

Tim Bonython is a major frother. That man studies the weather looking for intense lows and follows big wave nuts with his video camera all over the world. He shows his footage once a year at his Amysim Australian Surf Movie Festival. The festival is hitting out neck of the woods. Books some tickets to get stoked and see some meaty slabs:

  • Cremorne – Hayden Orpheum Wed. 19 Nov  6:45pm BOOK NOW
  • Randwick – Ritz Cinema Thu. 20 Nov  7pm BOOK NOW
  • North Bondi RSL Mon. 24 Nov  7:30pm BOOK NOW

Catchya ::uge

Local legends Tony Spanos, Deadly, Deadly Jnr., Cheyne Horan

Jnr frother, Zohar

Chris Little and that amazing tan

Whitest teeth on the beach. Harries.

Mr Kowalski on a very strange looking board.



Jack and Jamie Mackay

1 O'clock

Unknown, good grab

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One thought on “Locals

  1. Eugene, last night Bondi lost one of its favourite sons and legendary surfer, Barry “Magoo” McGuigan, aged 85. Only stopped competitive surfing last year. Won Australian over 60s at age 77 in 8 ft at Yallingup WA. A few words in today’s edition would be great. Regards Red Ted

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