Bondi Icebergs, Neil Rogers cooling down


Oh boy it’s damn hot…

It’s gunna hit 38 degrees today which is the hottest day in a couple of years.

Tools down…hit the beach kids. It’s just perfect. The hot weather will continue until Sunday. Surf was dismal at Bondi, NE swell so you need to go somewhere that loves the north summer swells (Manly, Bra etc).

If you’re heading down to Bondi make sure you come and see us in our icy cool, cryogenic, fully air-conditioned gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach telephone 9130 7788 (map). This is the last weekend you will be able to buy “The Beach Blog” and get “The Day in Bondi” free. It’s a ridiculously good deal only available in our Bondi store to Mastercard holders.

Bondi local Claudia runs Venus Goes Gidget which is all about inspiring women through surfing. If your lady wants to get into surfing, send her Claudia’s way. Check it out.

Okay, stay cool :: uge

Aqua-planking, Bondi Beach

The porthole view, Bondi

The inked rig of Jason

The Dirt and Josh

Body bashing fun!

This is what you should all do today

The Pavilion - front row

The shoreline of Bondi Beach

Dreamy lil' setup...Bondi 7:45am

North Bondi, swim between the flags

Got a Mastercard? Best come see us in the gallery about some books

7 thoughts on “Melt

  1. Uge!

    Love your emails and photos and am a big fan!

    I just wanted to call out that women read your newsletters too and wanted to point out that the statement, “If your lady wants to get into surfing, send her Claudia’s way” doesn’t seem to recognise this?


  2. I am aware you are flying a drone over bondi beach.
    I hope you have an OC , and special CASA approval to fly within this controlled airspace
    CASA will come down very heavily on you if you are flying illegally and risking public safety.

    1. Thanks for your concerns Sam,

      To set the records straight, I do not fly a drone over Bondi.

      I use real helicopters.

      I own drones, have barely used them this year.

      Thanks, Uge

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