Puff cloud, Bondi 6:00am


Some days are really small…some days it’s totally flat. Today it’s a lake (rare).

Put the boards away and drop in for a swim, before the southerly hits.

Once the southerly arrives it may stir up the swell…it will be junkie.

Much cooler today.

bassike + aquabumps – soon my friends, soon.

:: uge

They call this Yoga?

Gary Linz, the man that gave us the tasty chicken burgers

There are flat days and then there is today. Lake Bondi

Happy Frankie from Hall Street

Da Beach (and some cool clouds)

Really nice light. Charlotte and Rochelle

Hairy women

Surfing. Kinda. Bondi 7am

Bassike x Aquabumps collab, it's coming...3 more days

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