Bondi 6am, nice morning for a paddle.


Greetings. The surf is terrible…I’m talking 1 out of 10. The redeeming quality of the morning was the baking summer sunshine. Nice wasn’t it? I’m sorry to say the rain is coming though, so if you missed it…you missed it.

With the rain swell will follow. It will start to trickle in later today and tomorrow should be 3-4 foot. Onshore winds will flank the swell so if you don’t mind riding a bit of junk – you’ll be in heaven.

43 days until Christmas. It creeps up on you. If you are overseas and want to purchase books and artworks from the gallery you need to get busy (takes a few weeks to make and courier stuff – anywhere in the globe). M.J. Bale are also kind ‘nuf to offer Aquabumps readers 25% off purchases when using the AQUA25 discount code online.

Have a great day, ::uge

Green martian

Big boards required

Friday it will be sunny and 33 degrees - do a bit of this

Sunrise grovel

2 thoughts on “Redeem

  1. DEAR Aquabumps
    Before you read this, I would like to let you know that it will be the most ridiculous letter you’ve ever been given. But I am begging you, please read this. I am writing this letter because I’ve heard you are the best

    Hello. My name is Maximus and I’m a 26-years-old guy. I was born in 1988 in South Korea and I am currently living there now. I finished my two years of mandatory military service that all young Korean males take part in. After that I studied International trade in Incheon national university which is the 3rd biggest city in South Korea. Although I got a degree from there, I realized that I didn’t have any interest in trade as a career.

    Here is what has happened in my life. I was pretty lucky because I got a sponsorship to go to Europe for a two week journey when I was a second year student. Before that I had only ever travelled on one flight, to Jeju Island, which is one of the most famous attractions in Korea. After travelling in Europe, I concluded that I really liked to travel. So since then I have travelled in India, Nepal, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The most important reason for travelling has been the feeling of being truly alive whenever I have been in another country.

    I was in India and Nepal from January to February in 2014. I met many friends who have traveled in all of the countries in the world. Initially, I just felt that I was envious of them because I thought that it was too risky for me to do that. But things have changed. How great would it be if I could travel all around the world? How awesome would it be to write my own book about my story? So I decided to have another adventure; I am coming to Australia. I already got a working holiday visa and my flight to Sydney. I will be there on Friday the 28th of November. It is a kind of risky decision because I don’t have any connections in Australia. I also don’t have any specific skills to get a job.

    But I do have passion to learn about photography. I really would like to be a good photographer. But sadly, I don’t have any knowledge about the skills that are needed or experience. I simply have my confidence and a positive and passionate character. I have three years experiences as a car sales person which means that I am pretty good with dealing with people. I can do any affairs that are necessary to be your assistant.
    So is there any chance that I could meet you and work for you? It doesn’t matter if you pay me or not. I will do another hard job even at night if I have to.
    ‘Live creatively, Die gracefully’. It is my favorite sentence. I look forward to your reply.

    Sincerely Maximus,

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