Uncommon Bondi

When people think of Bondi they instantly imagine 50,000 people crammed on a 900 metre beach with Bondi Rescue dudes running around pulling them out of rips. Well, if you live here, there’s much more to it. There’s a tight knit community of interesting people who love 2026 with all it’s quirks.
Bondi is changing so fast. Just walk around. Cranes everywhere. What was once nicknamed ‘Scum Valley‘ is now looking pretty fancy. The most expensive real estate in Australia is right here…I mean…seriously…25 million for an apartment in the old Swiss Grand.
Today’s post is dedicated to those cracks of Bondi that are rarely seen. The uncommon places off the beach…OK because the waves are crap and I went for a wander.
We’re all pretty busy and would rather be surfing than doing our groceries. Yeah, a-huh, I hear ya. Well, you heard of ShopWings? It’s a new local multi-store delivery service in your local hood. It’s quick…1 hour turnaround for delivery quick! That’s amazing! Try it
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Black Friday

Australia breeds talented surfers. Maybe it’s because we live on a big island, mostly coastal and love the water. Right now 10 of the top 20 men’s surfers in the world are Australian…and it looks good for Mick to take another title in Hawaii. I reckon it’s also because we have consistent waves here…you can surf most days. We also teach our groms young to become water men. The groms were attacking Maroubra this morning. Oh boy they’re good.
The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday (mainly in the States). It marks the 1st day of Christmas Shopping Season. #aquabumpsgallery is here for all your gifting needs. Just bear in mind we need 2-3 weeks to hand create your artwork in our factory. Yes, hand made…one by one stored on silk pillows. We ship globally. Unframed prints only take 1-2 days. Plenty of other gift ideas in store 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 Telephone 02 9130 7788
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Shorey Beater

After a hot sleepless night you probably found yourself down the beach, early. It was the hottest November night in four years. Sticky wasn’t it?
At 5:30am Bondi Beach looked like the Pitt Street Mall.
The waves have been quartered…and it was pretty much a shorey. Whilst it’s roasting out, the water temp plummeted in yesterday’s northerlies.
Today is going to hit 38 degrees. Hot huh? I might take my two groms and terrorize the North Bondi Kiddie pool – look out. No toy within 100 metres will be safe.
:: uge

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Wow, good weather brings out the crew! For me…these warm mornings with waves are the good times down Scum Valley. It’s packed and there’s a great vibe.
Waves broke around 3 foot, fat again though.
The Saturday’s Surf crew from NYC just opened a shop in Bondi – love it!
:: uge

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Yo. It’s surfable today. 2-3 foot. Fat with the morning high tide then slapping on the beach. The southern corner had a shorey with attitude. Nothing like a spin cycle before work! Oh hang on, that’s work.
Not much wind around this morning but it still looked agitated. The arvo NE wind will bring back the clean.
Some nice beach days coming up this week.
Have a good day.
:: uge

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Friday was a real novelty in Sydney wasn’t it? One of those freaks. 41 degrees still at 7pm and everyone hit the beach to cool off. At 7:15pm a raging southerly tore it up and cooled it back down to humane temps. Arrgh yes, love that southerly.
I took the bird out and shot most of these images. We landed as the wind hit. It was quite exciting! The temps dropped from 41 to 27 in minutes.
Today – mild day with small 2-3 footers. No where near as exciting.
Pretty much 1 month until Chrissy. If you are overseas and you want us to ship to you – orders closing soon! Order online from the comfort of that chair.
:: uge
P.S. wanna see the aerials bigger – click on ’em to go to an enlargement

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Cray Cray

Today is one of those crazy Sydney dayz where it’s gonna melt to 41 degrees. They’re calling it Fryday. A huge hot air mass is creeping up to Sydney and the winds will go calm before BANG (insert large bang sound like a front door slamming in the wind)..the southerly will hit, probably around 8 or 9pm tonight. Nothing like a good smotherly before bedtime to cool things down.
Summary – go home early and swim. We have small crumbly waves of 2 footage.
Like Bronwyn Bishop I like helicopters. Only difference is that I pay for mine and they don’t drop me off to dinner dates. I am most likely flying above Bondi around 6pm (should weather and control tower permit). So if you’re down the beach at 6pm tonight, you’ll feature in one of my signature aerial images like these. Would make a special chrissy present for someone if you’re in it.
The Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm, Christmas Orders are in full effect – we need 2-3 weeks to hand make your order – get in soon. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW Telephone 02 9130 7788. We ship globally, interstate…daily…
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With hot weather comes silly season. Bondi is the epicentre of all things silly. As soon as the mercury passes 30 people flock to the joint, baby oil and all.  At 6am today the beach was full. Bootie camps flourished, photoshoots snapped, reboot meditation ooommmed, mal riders ran each other over, SUP-ers dominated, swimmers got wet, yogies got bent and some pissed people stumbled across the sand for a swim in their jeans.
Choice. See you down there!
Have you seen our sunnie range with Bailey Nelson? Buy a pair and get a free acrylic block.
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It’s gonna get hot today. 36 hot. Not bad aye?
Shame there’s no waves. (Uno pede)
See you down there.
:: ugio
P.S. Read this note about Xmas orders in our gallery. We’re on live chat to answer all your questions right now.

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Let’s Dance

Stick your head out the window (if you’re at work). Cracker. 10/10. Super.
After a run of storms we’ve finally got a week of perfect Sydney weather. How good is it? What are you going to do about it?
There is a ESE swell running with North winds (1-2 foot). You can surf, need volume.
Christmas is only 5 weeks away. FREAKY I know. Here’s my 2 cents:

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 A coupla clever little local chix have put out a new cook book. Jo and Ness. It’s called ‘Our Tamarama Kitchen’. I get hungry just looking at their site. Ness has been working with me on Aquabumps since inception. The new book is really quite a masterpiece and they’ve priced it way too cheap.

Bye :: uge

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New Day

Let’s not waste words. That was a crappy weekend – weather and world events. Just unbelievable.
Today is a brand new day though – complete with sunshine.
The weather is going to be good for the beach all week – enjoy it. 33 on Wednesday.
We have tiny, onshore 1-2 footers.
Paris, you’re in our thoughts. Peace.
Au revoir :: uge

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It kinda feels like Bondi is about to explode! It’s a hive of activity this morning. Workers are setting up for the huge Beach Boys gig on the sand tomorrow, surfers were – here – there- everywhere. People were doing yoga, being fluoro, walking, swimming, talking. Wow. And that was all before 7am.
Tomorrow the famous Bondi Single Fin contest is on and you will see some bizarre dancing and some classic 70’s surfing. It’s one of the biggest surf event days down at Bondi.
The Preatures are doing a tour also, find em’ at The Bucket List on Sunday November 15 (2:30pm) or Watson Bay Hotel tomorrow (3:30pm Sat 14 November). More info
Have a good weekend – gonna be a big one.

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News.com.au named us a cult business in this story last month. Always wanted one of those, a cult. Y’know, roll around in a robe preaching random theories. Live on a plot of land outside Byron…making rules like you must surf at least 4 hours a day.
I still remember 16 years ago dreaming up the concept of a photo-a-day. I thought it would be a cool thing…let alone a photo of the beach a every day. Back in 1999 that was like WOW man. Now you all have Instagram in your pocket documenting your every day, coffee, new purchase and most importantly the #selfie. Who’d thought taking daily photos would be so popular!
Enough ramble. I digress.
Anyway my disciplines, the junkie swell has come up, it’s surfable but messy 2 foot. Gonna rain later.
:: uge

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It’s one of those days…not really much happening down the beach. Looked like a hint of a wave at first light – but it wasn’t really much at all.
The storms and rain have now taken Sydney. Cooler and wet for the next couple of days.
Another surfer was critically injured after being bitten by a Bull Shark last night at Ballina north wall. Read
The end. Uge

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I was down the beach with Mick today. The biggest name in surfing right now as he’s looking down the barrel of a 4th world title…yes, four!
Mick and I have a lot in common…

Mick EUGENE Fanning. Top name.
Mick is a ambassador for the primo german vehicles – Audi. Same same.
Mick spent the morning at long reef in 1-2 foot dribble…we both wished it was pumping. Coupla good banks.
Mick tames Great Whites – I’ve watched the movie Jaws 12 times
Mick can’t do airs. I have aerial dyslexia

…he’s a top (humble) bloke and I wish him all the best for Hawaiian title showdown.
We have launched our 4th season of Speedo x Aquabumps swimwear and boardies. Fellas go here. Chicks go here.
Cheers, Eugene

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The Rookie

I’ve got a confession…
I nailed some storm photos on Friday. You know, the Armageddon type cloud that rolled in Sydney at lunchtime on Friday 6th November that everyone is talking about and broke the internet? It was amazing. I was luckily enough to be down there at first hint of that radical front – I raced back to the gallery – grabbed the nearest camera and sprinted back down.
I was so chuffed with myself. Snappin’ away. 20 different angles of the cloud juggernaut.
I got back to my desk, started downloading and realized my studio camera was set to 720 pixels JPG files (lo res). R O O K I E ! I am still slappin’ myself as I write this. I’m devo. So no, I can’t print these minuscule bad boys and barely resuscitated an image out of ’em for this blog post. Forgive me.
Surf is 1-2 foot. Clean early today. Clear Skies. Small waves all week.
Christmas is coming…if you want to order artworks from us, do it now. Check out my latest favourites here I have a team of staff online now, ready to live chat, to answer any of your questions. Try us.

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Two Faced

Quite a strange morning down the beach. I’m not just talking about the usual antics, but the weather was so random.
When I woke it felt cold, wet and stormy. Went down the beach and fog clung to the cliffs. 45 minutes later it was smoking hot and summery with full sunshine.
Weird. It’s like the day just can’t make it’s mind up. Max 28.
Other random highlights of the morning:

A birthday cake at Bondi with a girl about to jump out of it. ???
Spray and wipe bottles were being used as post surf showers
Met Luke Hynd, Derek’s nephew who’s in town promoting his new film Wanderlust – watch this short, real good

Looks a bit stormy all weekend. Enjoy today.
Have you seen our new sunnies? Good Chrissy present. Buy combo deal with acrylic block. Everyone loves a good deal.
:: uge

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Wet Ones

Well…we are getting our fair share of rain. My garden is loving it. Sitting in the Bondi Beach car park watching the windscreen wipers sway side to side…I saw waves, good (little) ones, empty lineups and blowy NE winds. Swell is from the East and feeding into most Sydney bays. Just have to seek protection from the wind.
Our friends in Bronte, Gav and Adam wake up early, drive out to the markets way out west, and then deliver Fruit and Vego boxes to your door. It’s good stuff and I’ve been living off it for years now. Get your own box here.
:: uge
p.s. I’ve added some shots from finer Bondi days!

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This week is a really good one to get stuff done. The beach is definitely not calling your name.
It’s raining, 1 foot and quite miserable down the beach. What to do? Check out the Sculptures sans crowds (the ONLY time to do it).
The swell will pipe up tomorrow from the NE – but a hooooowling 30 knots NE wind will flank.
Christmas is creeping up – if you want custom hand made artwork you need to allow 3 weeks to make + shipping (usually 1-2 weeks anywhere in the world). Check out some of my favourites, had a good year this year…got some images I am proud of.
Until tomorrow, get busy.
:: uge

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Horse 20, Race 7, 3:00pm, Flemington
It’s Melbourne Cup day and we’ve got a horse running…BONDI BEACH. It’s kinda funny that the horse is from Ireland, where many Bondi beach summer patrons come from. I wonder if our horse took a dip this morning…at Bondi…in his jeans after a few largers wearing a soccer jersey? Maybe not today. As it was one of the most uninspiring days down there at sunrise. Rain, 1ft, onshore. No good.
Bondi Beach is running odds of 23 to 1. So if you put $10,000 on it you’ll be rich and can retire on your own island in the Mentawais next week. With me? I hear it’s the youngest horse in the race, a vain thing, eats organic feed, does a bit of Vinyasa yoga, wears tight jeans and has a overgrown beard….oh and unlikely to win – but I’ll back it. How could we not…wearing the name of our beloved patch of sand.
Here’s 10 photos of Bondi to inspire your betting today. Good luck. Drop any winnings off to the gallery.
:: uge

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Backpacker Express

Well…that was a pretty stunning weekend…wasn’t it? Bondi was in full swing – packed. Nippers, Sculptures, pissed people…everything. Never a dull moment.
After a weekend of small but fun waves, we pretty much have nothing to write about today. 1 foot – if that and rain.
Random bits:

A few weeks ago I visited Byron Bay and stayed in this fancy pad…had a ball…going to make it a regular thing…hoping to get more shots like this. OK and maybe these. Half of Bondi is up there!
Toledo winds Moche Rip Curl Pro in Portugal (Watch) and is now in 2nd spot behind our Mick. All eyes on Hawaii. Pipeline has been pumping last few days. I miss that place.
Watch this and you will see why Bondi is so good. It’s from my good friend Paul Borrud and his flying contraption.

:: uge

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