Uncommon Bondi

When people think of Bondi they instantly imagine 50,000 people crammed on a 900 metre beach with Bondi Rescue dudes running around pulling them out of rips. Well, if you live here, there’s much more to it. There’s a tight knit community of interesting people who love 2026 with all it’s quirks.

Bondi is changing so fast. Just walk around. Cranes everywhere. What was once nicknamed ‘Scum Valley‘ is now looking pretty fancy. The most expensive real estate in Australia is right here…I mean…seriously…25 million for an apartment in the old Swiss Grand.

Today’s post is dedicated to those cracks of Bondi that are rarely seen. The uncommon places off the beach…OK because the waves are crap and I went for a wander.

We’re all pretty busy and would rather be surfing than doing our groceries. Yeah, a-huh, I hear ya. Well, you heard of ShopWings? It’s a new local multi-store delivery service in your local hood. It’s quick…1 hour turnaround for delivery quick! That’s amazing! Try it

:: uge

Hand painted numbers

Boronia Court

This was pumping last night, all gone now. Tamarama

Good for sunburn

She's got such beautiful curves

Bondi's stink pipe

A revamped Lurline

Bondi Minions!


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