Bondi beach optimism. 6:30am


It’s currently 31 degrees and about to scorch at 35 degrees. Not a bad first day of summer hey?

It’s Tuesday, a little early in the week to play hooky, but it’s quite simply an immaculate beach day (sans surf).

Waves broke tiny circa uno pede. Bring your mal, your mullet, your foamie, your boogs, your flippers, your brollie and your good attitude and head for the beach.

These days are to be savored.

Have you had a chance to check our Bailey Nelson x Aquabumps sunglasses range?

:: uge

Mad Livvy

Magic slides



Frankie mowing the crowds down

Big Gus, he likes Aquabumps


K-Ron, log in

Lil' fella winding up for the bit hit

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