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G’day. No, I hadn’t forgotten about you. Did you cope this morning without your early daily Aquabumps or are you still wandering around in a daze of confusion. It’ll be OK. We’re here now. Let’s talk.

I shot Bondi at sunrise and it wasn’t that inspirational. Fortunately the swell has leaped into the 3-4 foot realm, but she had some pretty wonky bits to it. Fat and wonky. Fat, wonky and rather empty.

It’s 2:30pm…I’ve come inside to post and the sunshine looks to be out for the rest of the day. So I’d say the arvo is shaping up just nicely after a rough start.

I’ve had the Aquabumps Gallery for 12 Christmas’s now. Every year is the same. As we progress closer to the 25th a flurry of callers are disappointed to find we are mainly a custom-made-to-order business (for bigger works, we have plenty of smaller works in stock that you can buy whenever). So, if you’re thinking about purchasing something special to tuck under the tree, come with me…right here…right now…choose one…punch in the digits and bingo your Christmas Shopping is done! Go surf. Oh, the moral of the story is that we need 2-3 weeks to make anything. Anything. Let’s do it.

:: uge

P.S. On Tuesday this week it was hot so I went flying. Most of the shots in this post are from above.

Swell is up this morning at Bondi.

Coogee, shorey slapper


North Bondi calm

The Bondi Pavilion

Bondi and Positano, couple of my favourite places

2 thoughts on “Arvo Post

  1. Ey,
    You got a special UAV permit to fly above crowds…?
    ‘know b4 you fly’ … better spend money on a course than a fine.
    Play safe, have fun!-)

    1. Thanks for your concern Karl.

      They are not Drone shots. No drone. Nup.

      So no UAV permits are required. Everything is above board.

      There are other things that fly in the sky other than DroneS!

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