Stormy smudges

Wet Ones

Well…we are getting our fair share of rain. My garden is loving it. Sitting in the Bondi Beach car park watching the windscreen wipers sway side to side…I saw waves, good (little) ones, empty lineups and blowy NE winds. Swell is from the East and feeding into most Sydney bays. Just have to seek protection from the wind.

Our friends in Bronte, Gav and Adam wake up early, drive out to the markets way out west, and then deliver Fruit and Vego boxes to your door. It’s good stuff and I’ve been living off it for years now. Get your own box here.

:: uge

p.s. I’ve added some shots from finer Bondi days!

Storm brewing

Jason's back

Lane paint

All quiet and calm, Bondi

People like Bondi


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