Best post surf shower ever, Tamarama

Two Faced

Quite a strange morning down the beach. I’m not just talking about the usual antics, but the weather was so random.

When I woke it felt cold, wet and stormy. Went down the beach and fog clung to the cliffs. 45 minutes later it was smoking hot and summery with full sunshine.

Weird. It’s like the day just can’t make it’s mind up. Max 28.

Other random highlights of the morning:

  • A birthday cake at Bondi with a girl about to jump out of it. ???
  • Spray and wipe bottles were being used as post surf showers
  • Met Luke Hynd, Derek’s nephew who’s in town promoting his new film Wanderlust – watch this short, real good

Looks a bit stormy all weekend. Enjoy today.

Have you seen our new sunnies? Good Chrissy present. Buy combo deal with acrylic block. Everyone loves a good deal.

:: uge

Night or day? Bondi

Good ole Livvy Phyland brightening up your day

Luke Hynd on tour with hew new movie

Tamarama had a few ramps

Na, there's waves...this is just a long exposure

Lots of hot blondes down the beach today

Long fat lefts

She's about to jump out...any minute now

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