The moody ocean. Bondi Beach 6:30am today

Cult named us a cult business in this story last month. Always wanted one of those, a cult. Y’know, roll around in a robe preaching random theories. Live on a plot of land outside Byron…making rules like you must surf at least 4 hours a day.

I still remember 16 years ago dreaming up the concept of a photo-a-day. I thought it would be a cool thing…let alone a photo of the beach a every day. Back in 1999 that was like WOW man. Now you all have Instagram in your pocket documenting your every day, coffee, new purchase and most importantly the #selfie. Who’d thought taking daily photos would be so popular!

Enough ramble. I digress.

Anyway my disciplines, the junkie swell has come up, it’s surfable but messy 2 foot. Gonna rain later.

:: uge

Teale Vanner off the top


Geoff, on a wave by himself for a change!

Single Fin Comp this Saturday

Dylan, the goofy footer

Spear ya mate.

Teale Vanner, bottom drives

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