Grant tuning a nice set wave


It kinda feels like Bondi is about to explode! It’s a hive of activity this morning. Workers are setting up for the huge Beach Boys gig on the sand tomorrow, surfers were – here – there- everywhere. People were doing yoga, being fluoro, walking, swimming, talking. Wow. And that was all before 7am.

Tomorrow the famous Bondi Single Fin contest is on and you will see some bizarre dancing and some classic 70’s surfing. It’s one of the biggest surf event days down at Bondi.

The Preatures are doing a tour also, find em’ at The Bucket List on Sunday November 15 (2:30pm) or Watson Bay Hotel tomorrow (3:30pm Sat 14 November). More info

Have a good weekend – gonna be a big one.


Rinse cycle


Big fin

Fat lefts


Sarah Glover baking

Tom nailing a roundie


Richard Lutterbeck


The Beach Boys will be playing here tomorrow

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