Dreamy Bondi Glitter

Shorey Beater

After a hot sleepless night you probably found yourself down the beach, early. It was the hottest November night in four years. Sticky wasn’t it?

At 5:30am Bondi Beach looked like the Pitt Street Mall.

The waves have been quartered…and it was pretty much a shorey. Whilst it’s roasting out, the water temp plummeted in yesterday’s northerlies.

Today is going to hit 38 degrees. Hot huh? I might take my two groms and terrorize the North Bondi Kiddie pool – look out. No toy within 100 metres will be safe.

:: uge

Bondi - the most dangerous surfbreak in the world

Grinding the shorey


It's colder in than you think!

The Great Kowalski driving the mullet hard

Chris Friend - snap

Pavilion Peaks

Father and son team Shaun Greenblo and Vaughan Blank

Shorey tubes

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