Radiating this morning

Let’s Dance

Stick your head out the window (if you’re at work). Cracker. 10/10. Super.

After a run of storms we’ve finally got a week of perfect Sydney weather. How good is it? What are you going to do about it?

There is a ESE swell running with North winds (1-2 foot). You can surf, need volume.

Christmas is only 5 weeks away. FREAKY I know. Here’s my 2 cents:

  • If you’re overseas and want Aquabumps artwork in time for Chrissy – you’ve got time, but you need to get a move on. See my favourite selection. Framed prints start at $150 and we ship globally. I will be manning online live chat for a coupla hours today, so if you’re on our site browsing, I can help and will pop up in the corner – sooo tech. There is also 3 artwork specialists ready to help with sizing, pricing, selections and life in general! Just know it takes 2-3 weeks to hand make all artwork. Go
  •  A coupla clever little local chix have put out a new cook book. Jo and Ness. It’s called ‘Our Tamarama Kitchen’. I get hungry just looking at their site. Ness has been working with me on Aquabumps since inception. The new book is really quite a masterpiece and they’ve priced it way too cheap.

Bye :: uge

Girls splashing in the morning light

Geez Josh Rich, you really LOVE that board!

Crowd mower

Evidence, Matt Griggs loves surfing Bondi (Super coach to Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Owen Wright)

Ole! The Matador strikes again

Taka nailing the left hooks


Guided missile

AK and the pink shred sled

Closeout, Bondi has the best in the world

Xmas artwork orders closing soon. We ship globally.

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