Going surfing with a few boards

Backpacker Express

Well…that was a pretty stunning weekend…wasn’t it? Bondi was in full swing – packed. Nippers, Sculptures, pissed people…everything. Never a dull moment.

After a weekend of small but fun waves, we pretty much have nothing to write about today. 1 foot – if that and rain.

Random bits:

  • A few weeks ago I visited Byron Bay and stayed in this fancy pad…had a ball…going to make it a regular thing…hoping to get more shots like this. OK and maybe these. Half of Bondi is up there!
  • Toledo winds Moche Rip Curl Pro in Portugal (Watch) and is now in 2nd spot behind our Mick. All eyes on Hawaii. Pipeline has been pumping last few days. I miss that place.
  • Watch this and you will see why Bondi is so good. It’s from my good friend Paul Borrud and his flying contraption.

:: uge

Billy...Bev's one and only

Billy's mate across the road

Waves today - SMALL

Salt crusted buttons

North Bondi, not bad for a city beach

I'm sure in a few weeks one of these boards will mow me down.

Finished up for the morning

Good colours

Grassy knoll, yesterday

Caged animal


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