::Monday, 3 May 2004

Bondi 6:20am Waist – chest high, small,
fat and cold.

The gusty offshore westerlies continue to blow chilly air over Sydney
this morning. Clear skies and smooth conditions making for a great morning.
This southern ground swell is still here breaking around the waist – chest
high mark. Good morning for beginners as it was quite fat and slow on
the full tide this morning (1.63m at 06:43am).

However this ground swell will increase
today and produce waves well over head high by afternoon. My pick is mid
arvo should have some good waves with the swell increase + tide drop combo.
Head to a south facing beach to get the best of it (Curly, Bondage). Low
tide is at 12:55pm. Water temperature is still up around 21 degrees with
a maximum land temp of 22 degrees. Looks like some good waves until Wednesday.

Have a great day…

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