::Friday, May 28, 2004

Bondi 7am – head high, couple of decent waves
Aloha! Fantastic morning – despite the frost bite. Swell is now quite decent producing head high waves at Bondage. Couple of set waves getting up there – it looks like it is getting bigger too. Chilly WSW offshore winds creating great conditions…erm, best go for a paddle right now. This swell is going to pick up over the weekend and Sunday is looking the goods (expect 6 foot chunks in the morning at South facing beaches and offshore winds). Sensational sunny winter’s day…with a wind that wind bites. In the water is the warmer place to be with 21 degrees. The run from the water to the car park will make those toes a bit numb. Low tide 09:08 High tide 15:31 Have a great weekend…Sunday is your day. Hit it.

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