::Thursday, September 09, 2004

Maroubra 7am, 3-4 foot reeeeal noice
Checked out Maroubra this morning and was impressed. This ENE swell is definitely funnelling into the Bra. Was pretty crowded at 7am, but still quite a few waves to be had. The main peak was in the northern corner with a decent left rolling off it. The wind was offshore producing clean wave faces. My only criticism is the interval is short and the waves looked a little on the weak side. A big fat cloud parked itself above me as soon as I whipped out the new 800mm lens, making the shots quite flat. Wait to see the clarity on that bad boy when the sun is shining!

A few weeks ago Bumps ran a contest giving away 10 copies of Sam Macintosh’s book "Only a Surfer knows the feeling". We’ve drawn the winners out of a hat: Bill Rhodes, David Ingham, Greg Ross-Smith, Brendan Omara, Kris Wallis, Cain Cooper, Jo Upton, Matt Mccloghry, Darren Martin and Angus J Murray. I will be in touch to get your address for postage. Mugshots will be updated (soon – takes me ages to do!)

Bumps is for everyone, read this:
"Love aquabumps…….my grandson has been visiting the family during the month of August and asked me if I would like to get your e-mails……of course, I replied… I loved watching the surfing while I visited in Sydney – and especially as he lives at Bondi Beach. Your photography is spectacular…I enjoy each day’s group of pictures – Thank you muchly!!!!!!!Grandmother and Great Grandmother of Australians!!!!!" Mary

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