Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This week’s Aquabumps is being broadcast from the sunny
west coast of Australia where everything seems to be BIG.
Big state, big houses, big boats, big AFL wins, big mines,
big skyscrapers, big winds, big roads and not to mention a
big 4 metre swell pumping into town…

Take a 15 minute bone rattling ride on a speedboat
from Freo and you’ll arrive at an island paradise – Rotto.
The joints got a few good waves that can hold swell out of
the wind (important). She blows hard here…making double
head high sets a lil’ bumpy down the face. Good to get back
to some power…and reef breaks.

Back in Sydney, the word on the street is that
you’ll have a few waves in the morning after last night’s
brief south change. Not a hot day with max 22 and mostly sunny.
Nothing over head high for this week…should be surfable
but just mediocre. Not a bad week to duck out of town.ya.

won the Quicky Pro in France on the weekend defeating fellow
aussie Mick Eugene Fanning in the final. 3 more tour events
to go, Kelly Slater leads tour closely followed by Taj, AI
and Parko (respectively). Seeyouse::uge

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