Friday, October 06, 2006

Last report from West Oz today...all in all this joint has a lot to offer…here are ten good things about WA. 1) The weather. It’s just ridiculously good. 2) No traffic, you’ve got no one to honk your horn at 3) when the surf pumps, it really pumps…raw solid powerful stuff – especially down south. 4) You can still buy that big crib with a driveway and a backyard (remember those things?) 5) the cabbies are genuinely interested in how you’re going – and they’re not trying rip you off. 6) Parking…everywhere 7) girls – um I’d best not comment here… you can work it out (e.g. Megan Gale & Gemma Ward) 8) seems to be a lot of work going down…businesses cranking 9) the water is clear…crystal & mega blue 10) one word – Rotto. That place rocks.

Last night down south scored some scorchin’ rights at a reef/beachie. Solid 6 foot…slight onshore but so much meat. Local fellas throwin’ out a whole lotta heat. Best sess of the trip.

Back in Sydney it looks like the overnight south change has kicked up some bumps. But it’s a messy 2 foot getting bigger. Not worth surfing…only max of 22 degrees on land, 19 in the water. Not much stewing for the weekend either.

The Aquabumps gallery is open this weekend 10am to 4pm. Sat – Sun – come see. Also Mad Benny at Six Ounce is having his big annual sale. Used Boards from $100, wetsuits 50% off, 30%- 40% off new stix and a complimentary sausage sizzle…see the man with the big hair::adios::ugios

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