Friday, November 17, 2006

What a weird day yesterday huh. Ferocious southerlies ripping through Sydney with a chill that bites deep. Thankfully that’s all over now, and we’ve got a few bumpy rides around the joint. You’ll find 3 footers with heaps of wobble after yesterday’s storm agitation. Still very surfable. Winds are currently strong S/SW which will ease later today in a SE direction 910/15 knots).

Tomorrow northerlies should blow and improve surface conditions but the swell will fade fast overnight (2 foot leftovers tomoz). Low tide 12:52 High tide 18:44. Mostly sunny and 20 degrees today. Much warmer over the weekend and Sunday looking the goods at 27.

New Bondi Reef – last night 50 Bondi surfers (including legendary Cheyne Horan) rocked up to Council chambers to discuss the hot topic of a new Bondi reef. "Waverley council are open to the idea but its mega early days and there is a lot of work to do" say Ian Wallace from Bondi Board riders. So more info to come that should answer the barrage of questions…

Another year has burnt passed and the 10th Annual Miss Bondi starts tomorrow at the Beach Road hotel around 2pm. For the next 4 consecutive Saturdays there will be 3 heats and then a final. Ah yes, they’ll be some photos published on Aquabumps of course. More

Have a great weekend ::uge

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