Friday, March 02, 2007


At 4am this morning if you baked the chariot outta Sydney for a
wave, this is what you would’ve found…good 3 – 4 foot with a couple
of guys out. Um was smokin when I rocked up torn between cameras
and boards…Seeing Bondi was pushing 2 foot and the southerlies
are starting to play havoc – outta town seems to be the best option
today. No much wind here. Oh, where you say? Somewhere on the border
of Queensland and Victoria.

I’ll be honest, got no idea about what is going
on with the surf predictions at the moment (I’m no Ben Matson
forecasting genius) – its confusing me – local swells
popping up here and there – they don’t last long –
gone within 12 hours but hey if you see a wave just surf it.. probably
3 foot and from the ENE this weekend. Surf something facing that
direction to get the most out of it.

Chix Boardriders
The girls meet the first Saturday of every month from March through
to December. Everyone meets at 7.30am in the car park at Bondi at
the southern steps (closest to skateboard ramp). The grades are
Advanced, Intermediate, Juniors, Long Board, Adult Beginners, Junior
Beginners. To compete, you need to join up as member ($60 for season)
and it is $5.00 per comp. But anyone who just wants to come and
check out how it all works is also welcome. Because of all the different
grades, surfers don’t have to be any good but Jessie Miley-Dyer
started out. First comp for the 2007 is on 3rd March. Check out
our website at

(enuf internet cafe already – its pumping)

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