Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Chinese say 8 is a lucky number. I am running with that seeing its somewhere in my blood. Today’s it’s a special number to this website being the Aquabumps 8th Birthday. Yep 8 years of early mornings! What started from an email between a few of my mates has now grown to over 23,000 daily readers. I don’t quite know how it happened, but I like it. So thanks to you all…especially those who email in with encouraging comments all the time. There are loads of people to thank. Won’t bore you. But essentially Returnity for providing a smokin’ bulk mailer that delivers this morning slice in a timely manner. Aquatech for water housings. Jamie, Ness, Zac, Mad Dog for daily advice and support. There is a long list of others that help out – THANKS ALL.

Now back to surf reports. If you got up at 4am today, drove 1 hr, then baked it on a ski for another bumpy 30 minutes, you’ll hit this creepy left that throws a mean Chopesque lip. Bit eerie shooting in the water there. Felt mega sharkie and the water is black. wigged me out a bit.

Great day for surfing with 3-4 footers at exposed south facing beaches. Most places would have a wave. A good wave. Bondi was pretty straight at 4 foot. NW winds this morning will swing NE later. Go surf. And it’s a 27 degree sunny day – bit hard focusing in the office today? Doit doit.

caveman eviction.
Jhyimy ‘Two Hats’ Mhiyles, the caveman who lives on the south end Bondi cliffs is being evicted by the council after 7 years of enjoying the best view in town…read SMH



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