Friday, March 23, 2007

Incredible light show this morning. Deep rich golds. Wish I could say the same about the surf. It’s like 1 foot and dribblin’ in. Little bit of NE direction in the swell, but with a period of 3 its just wonky wind-chop. Loads of beginners out giving it a bash. Good day to learn. Especially because its going to be 27 degrees. That noreaster will blow this afternoon 20 knots.

crystal ball.
Tomorrow will start off being a cracker beach day with 32 fat ones & NE summer winds. Waves will be non-existent so go swim (and come see Aquabumps gallery afterwards). You’ll start see a few clouds pop up. They will thicken and a howling south change will blitz Saturday night. In come the thunderstorms, then the temperature will bottom out and Sunday will be like winter. (max 21). Sunday, swell will dramatically pick up, but it will onshore (Maybe enough for Manly?). Decent swell all next week, but onshores will flank until Tuesday. Sit tight.

Geeky surfer wanted...
SurfAid International are looking for a Chief Operations Officer to coordinate their regional activities, accounting background essential as is the interest in and/ or an understanding of Humanitarian Aid work. Email:  for a position description.

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