Thursday, May 10, 2007

As winters digs its first claws in, we’ve got the standard howling southerlies rippin’ the joint apart – just don’t have the swell to match. So 2 foot, onshore and raining is today’s concoction. Surely you’ve got better things to do – it’s terrible. The great news is that these unsettled conditions are breeding a south swell for the weekend that should bring us some joy. Wait for the wind to back off and wax up. Hope these Mentawai shots keep you going in between sets. Indonesians don’t mind chumpin’n’dumpin their wagons – cracks me up.

Mentawai Islands

i’ll take Six-ounces.
Back door benny down at Six Ounce Board Store is losing it again with that full mop of hair – he’s slashed da prices in store for his 1 DAY ONLY bonanza Autumn Sale. New boards, old boards, covers, rubber, threads – take advantage. 144 glenayr ave, bondi beach, 93008339, see website for more details

p.s. Big text today for those that say they skim read my report. Oh and I found out an 87 year old china man reads it in Bejing. For you Ko Kong.

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