Thursday, May 31, 2007

No surf today. Pass the crumpets. Ok bit harsh. It’s 1 foot max. So if you are a newbie to the sport today’s smokin’ for ya. Oh and you’ve got the joint to yourself. I’m still salivating over the weekend’s outta town flawless crystal mini cylinders. I will get over it soon. I promise. But the water clarity at the moment is just plain ridiculous. I’m gonna say it. Here it comes. "best ever" call. So get ya goggles on and get under. Watch out for ‘Ray’, the bull sting ray with attitude that seems to be traumatizing crew from Bronte to Bondi at the moment. (Have had over 15 email sightings so I wasn’t dreaming). It’s big.

Tomorrow will suffer the same fate as today surfwise (sleep in). Late Friday night swell picks up preparing for our weekend of joy waves. Well 3-4 foot. South swell and offshore for most of it. Even though today is frosty the sunshine floods in once again. (max 18). Love this time of year.

jou-jee gallery facelift
Have to say my 25 square metres of retail heaven in North Bondi is looking pretty Gucci. Pawned all my life possessions and threw some bullion into a new fit out. Come see this weekend Sat/Sun 10am to 4pm 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi. Map

chris cornell
When I was a young punk I thought that Soundgarden was it. Every surfer I knew had their grungy rock bellowing from their ute whilst wettie’n up. Chris Cornell, lead singer and original drummer of the band has had a hair cut and put out his own 1st solo album. we like

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