Monday, 10 December 2007

*one hit wonder
Well how about that – yesterday the phone was ringing off the hook at 8am so I knew something was cooking. And it was. The small spike expected yesterday turned into 4-5 foot of glassy joy. Bondi was as good as I’ve seen it in months. Waves everywhere. You probably wondering where the pics are – well, I surfed for 6 hrs instead. I was hopeful that this morning at 6am Bondi would have a good wave (sans crowds), but it was 2-3 foot blubbering mess with chronic onshores hitting early (SE 20-30 knots). Just checked it again at 2:20pm and its still a pigsty, howling onshore – hell a windsurfer seem to be having all the fun and the 4 guys in the water didn’t get a wave in 30 minutes. So I guess that says it all. So the old chestnut comes out "should’ve been here yesterday". Here are some winter monsters to keep you enthused.

Miss Bondi

*miss bondi
The finals for Miss Bondi 2007 were held on Saturday at the Beach Road Hotel in front a huge crowd. Mariana Korac is our new miss bondi with Claudine Gibson and Elizabeth Tulip as runner ups. It seems no one is really working at the moment with silly season here, so here is a link to the photos from Saturday to distract you from work for a while…Pipe Masters starts today. Later:uge

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