Monday, 10 March 2008

After a weekend of zero waves, we start a new week with…yep, very small unsurfable waves but how good is this weather? (26) Something freaky happening later today, a 15 second straight southerly ground swell will appear creating 3 foot fun before fading into tomorrow. 15 seconds kids is a massive interval…but at 1:20pm nothing shaking…so maybe my charts are out of whack. You see some strange things at Bondi. Yesterday a group of men played drums at North Bondi in white undies soaked in baby oil. Today 3 honks have passed out head first into the sand after a few too many at Bondi hotel – and then, hey, wot, a man surfing in a toxic waste suit. What tha? I don’t ask questions any more – just take pictures.

Later: uge

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